Monday, March 19, 2012

Pre/post big boy haircut!! And a 22 month update.

On the steps last weekend, cute as a bug with a head full of hair.  Seriously, this kid can grow hair like no other.  I'm not surprised as B and I both have very thick hair, but his grows faster than either of ours does!!

Another mop top image.  In this one you can see that all his side hair is longer than his ears!!'s the after!  He went from 22 months to 4 years old in the wink of an eye!!  I love the cut but kind of want it all glued back on b/c he looks TOO old!!

Sitting at his new table and chairs in the (not quite finished) playroom.  (Can't wait to finish it and show you- it's turning out super cute!!)  I just think it is amazing how a haircut can take him from toddler to big boy so fast!

As for his 22 month update, his vocab continues to grow in leaps and bounds.  His favorite letter is W and he can recognize it even in adult books.  It's so cute to hear him say W.  I love it.  He also is saying "okay, mommy" or "okay daddy" all the time.  Screwdriver is his first 3 syllable word- he talks about tools all the time lately with all the work we're doing in his room and the playroom.  His favorite thing to do is "make" (bake) and he recognizes flour, sugar, eggs, and oil.  He loves to watch the Kitchen-Aid go "wound and wound" and loves helping to pour the ingrediants in.  He also loves to sing.  Wheels on the bus, twinkle twinkle, if you're happy and you know it, ABCs, Bibidi Bobbidi Boo, etc.

He has the occasional toddler tantrum and HATES putting on his shoes in the morning.  There are definitely frustrating parts to raising a toddler, but I know we are a lot luckier, so far, than other toddler parents, so I can't complain too much.  He still cries for a few minutes every night when we leave him in his bed, but he sleeps through the night very well and can settle himself in the middle of the night if he wakes up.  He is doing GREAT in his big boy bed and knows that that is his bedroom now instead of the nursery.  I'm so glad we've moved him early to help him adjust to well before the baby comes. 

Here he is running outside in the yard yesterday.  It was in the high 70s and gorgeous.  Amazing for March 18th in Michigan!!  He loves to run, especially since B has been going outside to run more and more.  He wants to be just like daddy, I tell you!  He also got a little toy "dolf" set from my parents a few weeks ago and loves that it's just like dad.  He can't use both hands, nor can he hit the ball correctly, but it is darn cute!!  He can't jump yet, though he's getting better at it.  I feel like ALL his energy in the past few months has gone into his verbal skills (and a lot of fine motor skills too).

Favorite foods include cheese, fruit of any kind, milk, smoothies, noodles, frozen peas (yep, straight out of the freezer- talk about an easy snack!), carrots, cereal out of mommy and daddy's bowls, pork, crackers and pretzels.  He has snuck into the lazy susan in the kitchen to get out handfuls of pretzels and then will take them into the family room to eat them.  It's funny.  He also loves any kind of "dip it"- ketchup, hummus, syrup, etc.
LOVE this picture.  The light is great.  I also love that he has Bear with him.  He just loves his bear and it is such a cute thing to see him try to kiss him and hug him and push him on the bike.  He definitely is showing bits of compassion for people and toys which is great.  I just wish our mailbox weren't in the background of this picture!!  Sweet baby boy!!  Can you believe I'll have two of them in two months?!?!?!  Praying for one just as sweet!

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  1. He is growing up WAY too fast!!! What a handsome little man. xo


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