Thursday, March 22, 2012


Let me preface this post by telling you that I am now on day 18 of work straight.  I have worked the last two weekends (in order to not work a weekend in April at the end of my pregnancy) and have been quite busy at work during the regular work week.  Now that you know that (and can imagine how tiring it is to work 18 days straight with regular life stuff fit in all around my work schedule), here is last night......

1.  B has been sick.  Body aches, sore throat, cough.  He did not get a flu shot, so this is my most current guess.  It's a non-productive cough and he hasn't had fevers, so it very well could be just viral.  He's feeling better today though he is staying home from work to try to completely feel better by the weekend as we have company coming.

2.  We've been in bed no later than 9:30 this week due to my exhausted pregnant body that just isn't sleeping well in general and him not feeling up to par.

3.  It was 86 degrees here yesterday and we are refusing to turn on the air conditioning in March.  We also do not have our screens in our upper windows as we had our windows washed in November and just haven't put the screens back on the upper floors yet.  We have opened the windows upstairs some, but I hate it when the flies get in.  Yuck.  So I'm trying to keep them closed as much as possible. 

4.  It is easily 10 degrees hotter in our upstairs than on our main floor.  EASILY. 

5.  We crawl into bed at 9:30 and I'm not sleeping well due to the heat and just not finding a comfortable position.  Around 10:30 Spencer is crying out.  I check on him but he is still asleep.  Due to the heat in his room, I decide to open the windows to let some cool air in.  At that point I also open the windows in our room.

6.  At midnight he is up for real and crying for mommy.  I crawl into bed with him to get him to go back to bed and then realize it's so hot, even with the windows open and the fan on, he's probably so uncomfortable so I take him to our room which is a little cooler. 

7.  He starts begging for "wawer" once he is in our room and downs my glass that I have at the bedside.  After about 15 min of B coughing and shifting, Spencer asking for more to drink and his constant movement, and my crazy pregnancy and 86 degree induced hot flashes, I decided that SYT and I are going to sleep on the couch.  I get down there, give SYT a sippy full of water which he promptly drinks 3/4s of, and settle us in on the couch.

8.  MUCH cooler and with a kiddo who can finally rest without sweating out all his intake, Spencer and I sleep on the couch together.  B is able to sleep in the heat upstairs with the whole bed to himself.  I wake up multiple times overnight to find SYT kicking me in various spots (including my stomach, poor baby #2!!) and having to readjust him and one time because I was freezing and had to cover up completely with a blanket.  SYT sleeps through the rest of the night until 7:20 (normal wake up time of 6:30).

9.  Change SYT's diaper this a.m. to find it almost completely dry.  And that's after a ton of water overnight.  Whoops!  Apparently I'm the mom who lets her kiddo get dehydrated in March!  Good lesson to learn now prior to the constant heat of the summer.

10.  It's going to be in the high 80s again today. 

11.  Moral of this very long story........don't be cheap, peeps.  If the house is above 80 degrees upstairs, it's time for air conditioning, even if the calendar goes against that.  I'm not sleeping on the couch again tonight (though it wasn't too bad last night overall!), we're just turning on the air for sleep.  And I'm also glad it is cooling off a bit for this weekend and next week.  I apparently would be a horrible summertime pregnant woman!!

Hope you all slept better last night.  I have tomorrow off and am beyond thrilled to have a day to rest and relax (or at least sleep til 7 a.m!!).  Plus, the besties are coming in for the weekend.  That's the best thing of all.  I cannot wait!!!!!


  1. I was reading this thinking "Just turn on the AC!" Holy cow. You are so pregnant, I can't even imagine how hot you must be :) Get a good night sleep tonight!

  2. I'm not pregnant and have been turning the air on at night!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with friends!

  3. I gave in and turned the air on last week and it's still on! It's been so hot here in the south. Have a good day off and good night's sleep!


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