Thursday, March 29, 2012

Baby blankets

When I was pregnant, I won a giveaway on Project Nursery for a Little Giraffe blanket.  I was able to pick any color and since we didn't know what we were having, I got it in white.

I have loved this blanket for the last two years.  It has held up through thousands of washings (that's what happens when you get white!!), is soooo soft and cuddly, and I love that the satin side stays cool even in the summer heat.  If you are looking for a baby gift for a shower, I would always recommend this blanket.  It's just fabulous.

However, with the new baby, I have decided to go in another direction.  I don't have any rationale for it except that I would prefer that Spencer's blankie and the baby's blankie look and feel different so that Spencer doesn't get confused between the two.  I've looked at a few options and I've decided to go with this blanket from PBK.  Our nephew received this as a gift and it's soooo soft, it's a great size (bigger than my Little Giraffe one), and I love that it still has the satin trim.
I'm going to do it in blue (I don't want another white blanket to get confused with Spencer's and am not really sold on the green) with a white monogram. I may call to see if I could get the name done in navy instead but am unsure if that is even an option.  I'm excited that he'll have his own fabulous blanket- I hope he likes it as much as Spencer likes his.

Does anyone else have a favorite baby blanket they want to share?  I'd love to know if I'm missing out on something that I need to consider instead in the next few weeks!!


  1. I don't have a favorite :) But I did carry around a blankie my first few years of life. It went everywhere with me! My mother had to keep cutting it cause it got so ratty, it ended up the size of a tea towel. I do think it had a satin trim as well.

  2. My daughter's blankie is the PB Kids version in pink! It's looking a bit haggard now (she is 3.5) but it has been good to us and I would go with this if there is a baby #2.

  3. Logan has one of those PBK ones that you mentioned. We got it as a gift from my sister (monogrammed) and it is so soft. It is one of the only baby blankets I saved of his. I got my sister one when her daughter was born because I liked it so much.


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