Wednesday, October 10, 2012

5 months old

PUT is 5 months old now......seriously, time is just flying with my little munchkin. He is a major fan of the pacifier, so the above picture is a pretty accurate picture of my sweet babe.
He's over 18 lbs now (yikes!) and is wearing 6-12 month or 9 month clothes, mostly. I put him in a 6 month Carters' outfit for daycare the other day and it was already too short and a little tight. And, coming from a second time mom, I think that Carters usually runs true to size. He's definitely a big boy! I'm hoping he can still fit into a few of SYT's Christmas outfits by the time it rolls around.
Peter is still rolling like a crazy man. He would rather be on the floor rolling in every direction than anything else (except nursing- ha!).  He has sat up for 6 minutes (once) but does sit for shorter periods of time pretty regularly. He's a strong little guy. He loves jumping in the exersaucer and is really starting to become interactive with everything he sees. He is "talking" all the time- I could listen to him allllllll day long. It's just so, so, so sweet.
We just started feeding him solids two weeks ago. We gave him oatmeal for a few days but that really constipated him, so we switched to veggies instead. We've done butternut squash, avocado, and sweet potatoes so far. We are going to try either peas or green beans next. I make all the baby food which lends itself to being thicker/more textured than regular stage one jarred food. I tend to worry about the consistency/will Peter handle it well/is it too much for him, but, so far, he has done pretty well with all of them. I have had to thin out the avocado with water, but that's not a big deal to me. I could thin it out with breastmilk, but he gets PLENTY of calories, so using a bit of water isn't detrimental to him at all.
We saw the nephrologist in September and had another kidney ultrasound which didn't go exactly (read: at all) as we had hoped. We have another test this Friday (which involves an IV and a catheter- poor baby!!) to look further into some new issues and an appointment Nov. 1st to go over the results and see if further changes need to be made. You would never in a zillion years think anything was wrong with him. He's developing normally, he pees like a champ, and he's a really happy babe. All of that is so reassuring. We are now doing a daily antibiotic to prevent any kidney infections, and, thank goodness, it is grape flavored and he loves it. We are just hoping that all of this will work out and that he will "outgrow" most of these issues. We've decided the best approach we can take right now is to not worry until someone says to worry. Yes, we do have moments when the worry sneaks up on us but then we go back to the above stance!
Sleep is getting better. He's still getting up once or twice (mostly once- woo hoo!!!!) but that is WAY better than 3-4 times per night. I am only feeding him once overnight, so if he wakes more than that, B will go in and pat him back down or give him the passy. If I go in there, he doesn't sleep until he nurses, so it works better for him to not see me unless it's the one time I'm going to nurse. In a few weeks, we're planning on dropping that nursing session, so you'll definitely get a full report when that happens. Neither of us are looking forward to that; however we know it needs to happen for all of us!!
Love you, Sweet P!!! We wouldn't trade you, your waking at night, your incredible thighs, your crazy kidneys, your darling babbling, or your beautiful brown eyes for the world!! Mwah!!

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