Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Our neighborhood trick or treated on Saturday night. It was a great decision as tonight is going to be freezing cold, wet, and windy (Thanks, Sandy!!). B's brother, sister-in-law, and their daughter were in town for the weekend, so the kids got to trick or treat together and then the babysitter came over so the adults could all go out to dinner together.
B with his boys

Family pic- Spencer's cheeseball smile
My big pumpkin!!

SYT, PUT, and LGT playing in the leaves after trick or treating

Look, mom, I can grab a lot of them!

Family pic

Buried in leaves

Peter's smiling!!

Love this baby pumpkin!
The boys have a Halloween parade at school today with their costumes. Unfortunately neither B nor I can be there to take pictures. I have late clinic patients and B has a ton of meetings. Hopefully the classroom teachers will get a few cute ones.
Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween and hopefully your kids' Halloween buckets are filled with at least one candy you like and they'll share with you :)


  1. Halloween is deadly for the waste, but not as bad as Sandy was! All I did was eat and not workout for 3 days (well, Sandy was 2 days but I was hung over Sunday. ha.)

    Your pumpkins are ADORABLE! Love PUT's tights :) xoxo

  2. Great photos - they are too cute!! Hope Sandy isn't treating you too badly - we're in for a cool night of Trick or Treating here, but luckily no rain.

  3. Such cute photos of your boys (and niece, too). Hope you had a Happy, happy Birthday. I had my 2nd son at 34, too. :-)

  4. you have such a beautiful family!

  5. What a precious family! It looks like y'all had the best time!


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