Tuesday, November 29, 2011


The details aren't complete yet, but it looks like B will be attending a conference in AZ for work in February.  We were going to take a long weekend getaway the next weekend for his birthday and had talked about NYC or Boston (Hi MCW and kHm!!), but now I'm wondering about flying out to meet him in AZ for the rest of the week (Thurs-Sun).  Neither of us has been before, so we don't know if it would be a great trip or a bust. 

Sooooo, tell me....
1.  Is AZ only old people?
2.  The conference is in Pheonix- do we stay there?  Go to Scottsdale?  Sedona?
3.  Besides playing golf in above cities, what is there to do?  Shopping?  Good Food?  I'm assuming, I'd be able to lay by a pool somewhere which would be nice!
4.  Take the babe?  Don't take the babe?  We're leaning towards no, but then B wouldn't see him for a week and that seems like a REALLY long time!
5.  I'll be 29ish weeks preggers- do I want to be in that hot of weather?  Or do I make B fly twice in one month and go out east instead?  I'm used to the cold, but would we appreciate all that Boston and NYC are in the dead of February?

Thoughts?  Ideas?  Help us out, please!!


  1. Sedona, AZ is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. There is just something that is so peaceful about that place.

  2. Hmmm, when I was there ages ago we went to the Grand Canyon and Meteor Crater which were both beautiful and worth seeing. It was a very relaxing time - just walking around the sites (we didn't do any of the hikes or rafting that are available).

    As much as I love to encourage people to visit Boston, I would say that you should not come in February. It is FREEZING and, while there are plenty of indoor museum type things to do, it would be so much more fun for you and the family to go when it's beautiful and green.

  3. AZ is NOT hot in Feb! In fact, it can be downright cold. Don't bring the kid... stay in Scottsdale. Do a little hiking if you're up for it (Camelback Mtn is right there), eat at some fabulous restaurants, do some shopping, and hit up the spa! :)

  4. Arizona has its fair share of old people like anywhere but mostly you will find very active young adults. The golf, spas, hiking, horseback riding, biking etc. are all readily available.

    I would stay in the central Scottsdale area. TONS of amazing resorts with even more amazing spas!!! Tons of great shopping - Scottsdale Fashion Square/Scottsdale Waterfront, Kierland Commons/Scottsdale Quarter, Borgata, Old Town Scottsdale ( mostly local art, etc.)! The Biltmore Fashion Park is also really nice and close by. Dining in Scottsdale is endless. Lunch at Arcadia Farms is always nice, The Mission is good and any of the Sam Fox/Fox concept restaurants are solid. I like True Food Kitchen (Dr. Weil) - very good and healthy. Really though, too many restaurants to mention.

    Sedona is a must see. Gorgeous. Lunch on the creek at L'Auberge de Sedona is amazing!!!

    This is a nice video on the area:


    This video highlights just a few of the resorts:


  5. Forgot to mention... AZ88 in Scottsdale makes a nice Pimm's Cup and the people watching in amazing! :-)


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