Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Almost 3 weeks old!

My 2nd little guy is doing soooo well at home!  Peter is 19 days old in these pictures.  So far we have discovered that he is fussy in the evening hours, he loves his pacifier (Spencer never took one), he's a great nurser, he is growing like a weed (already over 9 lbs and has grown an inch since birth), and he sleeps much better in his car seat than he does flat on his back in the cradle.

He does like to stretch out on his back for periods of awake time and doesn't like tummy time nearly as much as SYT did.  He's got some definite reflux, not a ton of spitting up, but lots and lots of gagging.  That is really hard to watch as a mom.  Ugggg..... 

He is blessing me with one 4-5 hour stretch at night most nights.  During the day, he'll eat anywhere from 2-3 hours (mostly 3 though).

We have some testing for his kidney in June.  He'll have an ultrasound and renalgram on the same day, and he has to be sedated for the renalgram which I am not excited about.  The next week he has an apt with the nephrologist whom I work with occasionally and love.  From what we learned from her in the hospital, we will be getting kidney ultrasounds every 3 months for the first 2 years of life and then every 6 months for a years after that.  Essentially his good kidney needs to be double the size of a normal kidney as it is doing the work of two.  There are a few things that we still don't know and have a little bit of worry about, but, for the most part, Peter should be one healthy kid!

Oh, and for reference, this
was Spencer at 18 days.  I don't think they look alike at all.  There noses are similar, but other than that, they're definitely different boys!! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Quick post with a link for pics!!

We were able to get a few newborn pics of Peter this weekend and they're already up on the photographer's website.

If you are dying to see how cute he is (how's that for a proud momma moment) or just bored at work or have a long napper today, then feel free to check them out...........
Password is thomasnb for the Peter session and thomasmty for the expecting session (be mindful that I am 38 weeks preggers here and NOT tiny!!)

Now we just have to decide which ones we'd like to order.  I have a groupon for a canvas print and I can't decide if I want one of just Peter (and then order another groupon for one of just Spence) or if I want the first or second one of both boys together.  Any thoughts?  #35, #45, and #40 are my favorites of the baby (and I really like #10 of both of us but do not want that blown up onto a wall- too weird for me.  I'll probably just put that into his first year album).  In the maternity gallery, I love #18- SYT is so precious here and we really don't have a ton of family photos.

I swear I'll be back with more info on Peter's birth and other fun stuff soon!  Just still trying to pull everything together as a mom of 2!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dear Spencer!!

Spencer Young, today you are TWO!!!! How quickly time flies! Your smile is enough to light up a room and when you errupt into laughter, everyone else does too. Your happiness, energy, and vivaciousness are definitely contagious, buddy of mine!!

Morning of your second birthday in the front yard.

You are talking up a storm.  Constant stream of two word phrases with some three word sentences thrown in for good measure.  You can currently identify about 3/4 of the letters of the alphabet and can easily count to 11.  You're definitely meeting all your milestones that you need to meet, though I don't think you're the smartest kid your age (even though Mimi thinks so!!).  Right now your favorite saying is "Oh man" with the cutest little accent.  It's really funny and since we laugh at it, you say it even more!!  You're pretty good about please and thank you but we're still working on saying hello to strangers or people you don't know as well. 

You are slow to warm up to people you don't know.  You are definitely NOT a social butterfly unless you are in your regular situations.  You talk a lot at daycare and are very busy there (and not shy), but you are pretty hesistent in other situations (even at church which is a weekly situation for you).  When other kids, friends, or family come to our house, it takes you less time to warm up as you are at home with mom and dad. 

(You've got one down, now we just need to get you to do 2!)

You're a good eater still.  Today at the doctor's office you were 29 lbs 6 oz.  We're able to switch you to skim milk now (yea for one less gallon in the fridge).  We also have to work on getting you to like cheese less as it's definitely your favorite food!!  There really isn't much you don't like- green beans and cucumbers do not cross your lips ever :)  Peas and carrots are the veggies you like the best.  You'll eat any fruit, you love pasta ("noonles") and pretty much all meats.  Tonight we made black bean burritos and you ate them right up- lettuce, onions, beans, cheese and all!!

You've been waiting for these cupcakes for weeks!

You have been soooooo sweet with your "brudder",baby Peter.  Daddy and I are so happy that you are responding well to him.  It certainly helps that Mimi is here helping for 10 days so you are getting tons of attention.  You give him kisses all the time, love to hug him, and want to show him all your toys.  I'm hoping this continues once we are settled into normal life with no visitors.

You are really upset that mommy can't lift you up but you understand that mommy has band-aids from when baby Peter was born.  It's going to be a longggggg two months, kiddo.  I already miss holding you and picking you up like crazy.  It's probably harder on me than it is on you, but I do know that it's hard for you to understand.

You're a great kid, buddy, and we're lucky parents.  You have your moments (ahhhhhh.......two.  I've heard it gets worse at 3, lucky mommy!!!) and I'm sure we'll have some discipline issues in the next year, but, honestly, we do feel that you are a pretty good kid.  We love you like crazy and cannot believe how fast the past two years have gone!  I hope the next year is just as funfilled!! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Guest Post- AEOT is a little busy

Hola Ladies,

B here.  You know, the upstanding, scratch golfing, well-coiffeured hubby who so often is referenced in this space?  Yeah, well, I'm here with some news. 

For those of you who have been following this chronicle, you're well aware that Miss UNP has been "In the Family Way" lately, and we're proud to announce that stage is over.  After a roller coaster of a night and morning...

Peter Upton T

has finally arrived!!!

In classic "don't tell me about the labor, just show me the baby" fashion, I'll save the greusome details for my lovely bride to spill out over the next couple of weeks, I'm sure.  For now, I'll leave you with the basline deets:

8lbs, 3oz
19.5 inches
10 fingers
10 toes
1 Size-1 Baby Weenus

True to form, we are over the moon with the arrival of a healthy littly guy, and his big brother seems more so than anyone else. 

Here's a quick pic of SYT and PUT in their first official meeting (even though Spencer has been saying "Baby Peter" for about a month now)

Here's our new little guy this morning after a good night's sleep

And just in case you worried that mama wasn't really at the hospital with us, here they are bonding this morning.

I know some of you have already reached out to AET on The Facebook, so thanks for all the well wishes.  Like I said, there will be much more to come as we get home this weekend and figure out what "normal" is for a family of 4.

Monday, May 7, 2012

If this isn't a perfect quote for a Monday, I'm not sure what is.

Happy week, everyone!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Things you don't want to hear at 39 5/7 weeks pregnant.......

That you are "high" and "fingertip".  Essentially the OB told me today that I shouldn't expect to have a baby anytime soon.  Uggggggggg...................  I'm 40 weeks on Saturday and my back up csection date is May 10th (next Thursday).  At this stage, I don't anticipate delivering this baby vaginally at all (since I'm nowhere near delivering and I can't be induced).  I'm so disappointed.  I appreciate my babies liking me and all, but don't they understand that I am ready to be a mom rather than being just "pregnant"? 

Because I will be overdue next week and especially because of the kidney issue, I will be getting a non-stress test and ultrasound next Tuesday to make sure everything is still progressing nicely.  I don't doubt it will be- I've had nothing but "easy" pregnancies both times.  I had this testing with Spencer too and all was well with his testing two years ago.  

So, it's back to work tomorrow, Monday, and half day Tuesday.  I'm taking the rest of Tuesday and all day Wednesday off.  They don't need me and I'm going to take Wednesday as a mental health day for Mommy and send Spence to daycare until after nap before I become the mom of two. 

While I wouldn't say that B is excited about not having the baby here, he is happy that it's going to be a gorgeous weekend and he can get a round of golf in before the baby comes.  There is also a large trash day in our area, so we are going to get rid of the broken treadmill (now replaced), an old sink, and an old toilet that are all just crowding our garage.  That will be nice!!  Spence and I have a trip to the library planned and some planting of new perennials that I picked up tonight on my way home from the drs office.  None of this makes me feel any better about still being pregnant but sitting around and dwelling on it isn't going to benefit anyone!!  So, we're just going to get life done :)  And 7 days from now, our little boy will be here.  That's all we can hope for!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Two books I'm dying to get my hands on......

I don't know how many of you saw the viral video of Zach testifying to the Iowa House Judiciary Committee, but it's amazing.  Funny, smart, respectful, honest, and perfectly written.  As he states in his speech, I would be SO proud to call this man my child, and I can only hope that I raise Spencer and our new baby to be as well spoken, smart, kind, and thoughtful as Zach is.  He was on Jon Stewart the other night speaking about his book and I started tearing up just knowing that I had to buy this book for my mom and for myself.  He gives a section each to all of the boy scout characteristics and how his moms raised him and his sister within these guidelines.  I know I'll pick up parenting knowledge within the covers of this book!!

Insurgent is FINALLY out!!!  I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for months for this and it's here!!  I can only hope that it's as good as Divergent was!! 

I also am headed to the library tonight to pick up book #3 of the Game of Thrones series.  I've heard it's not as good as book one and two, so we'll see.  They're really long books, so if it's not good, it's going to be a LONG read.

What are you reading?  50 Shades of Grey?  (I'm on the waiting list)  Anything else I need to look into for my nighttime nursing sessions?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Not a fan.....

Received the newest Lilly P catalog last week in the mail and uggggggg.......  To say that I am not impressed with the summer line up would be an understatement.  Not that I was really looking to buy anything for an occasion this summer, but if I was, I definitely would be SOL.  Maybe a woman in her 30s is just no longer their demographic and/or market share, but I am not going to spend hundreds of dollars if you can't COVER UP A ZIPPER!!!!  Trendy it may be, but I am not buying Lilly for trendy.  I am buying something I can wear during summers for the next 5-10 years and then hand down to my (never going to happen) daughter when she thinks that "vintage" is cool. 

Really, Lilly, exposed underwire?  Only if it's in swimsuit form is this ever appropriate.

Exposed zipper- not my style at all.

Not sure it can get much shorter (in fact, MOST of the dresses seem really, really short this season unless the models got extremely tall) and the double ruffle is appropriate for high schoolers only.

Reminds me of something you would see at Forever 21 for $25, not $158.

The 3 below are all quite cute and more traditional Lilly that are worth the $$ I would spend on them!
Love the halter neck- it's a flattering fit for me.

This pattern is called You Gotta Regatta, which I adore!!  Too bad this is the ONLY thing that comes in this print that I would even consider!!

This navy one would be fabulous for a summer wedding, wouldn't it?

Sorry if you are loving the new summer stuff and I've offended you in any way.  I was just really surprised at how young so much of it is and how (IMO) inappropriate for Lilly!  Agree?  Disagree?  Discuss please to take my mind OFF the fact that I still haven't delivered :)