Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Flip Books

Remember those? The ones where you would flip through really quickly in order to see the story unfold in pictures before your eyes? This series of shots I took on the beach last week totally reminds me of those! See if you can visualize the hystericalness behind this.......

Neice #1 screams "Mommy, come look, come look!" We run over to find nephew and Neice #1 buring Neice #2 in the sand

This is when I asked her to smile. She just shook her head no!

Too funny! These kids are some of the cutest bunches ever!


  1. love 'em! what a great sense of humor they already have!


  2. Too cute. The mom in me thought "I hope they didn't have to drive home". Our NY car is FULL of sand. ;) LOL

  3. Your comment was so sweet about the headbands! I did make them, and have so so many I have kept for myself! Lets see what happens with the giveaway, but I would defiantely make some for you, I am flattered you would even think of that!


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