Thursday, August 13, 2009

A great way to save $$ and have a night out!

Have you all tried yet? I saw two other bloggers post about it while I was on vacay and just today found the time to actually sit down and try it out. I typed in our zip code and made our radius 5 miles and over 150 restaurants came up with bargains! Woo Hoo!

I ordered three certificates. All are worth $25 but I only paid $10 for each. $15 extra (read: free) at dinner out in the city? I'll take it anyday! This time I ended up going with restaurants we have been to before and love (namely Mrs. Murphy's Irish Bistro and Turquoise Cafe). Next time I'll sit down with B and see what other new restaurants we want to try. This is a great site, and I would definitely encourage you to head on over and score a deal for this weekend! You can print the coupons off right away, so even if it's a last minute thing, don't worry, it still works!

Also, B is currently loving Groupon. It's similar to the above in that it's amazing discounts that you can print off coupons for. It differs in that enough people have to sign up for the daily deal in order for everyone to get it. He's scored some SWEET golf deals, and we're headed out to Zocalo this weekend on a great coupon as well. There are boutiques, restaurants, activities, etc that are all tailored to the city where you live (though it appears that it is only major cities). Definitely check both of these sites to enhance your spending power this fall! With all the money you save here, there may be enough extra in your bank accounts for that new pair of jeans, heels, or Lilly dress you've been lusting over!

PS- Chicago girls, if you haven't yet been to Mrs. Murphys, you MUST go. It is the perfect place for a fall or winter evening out with the gorgeous fireplace, the amazing bar, and the fabulous bathrooms! It's definitely one of our favorite places in the city!


  1. Thank you for sharing such great sites!

  2. I definitely want to check out! Thanks for sharing your opinion!!

  3. We love! I ordered two gift certificates off of that website awhile back - we're still waiting to use them. BUT - if you wait, they have pretty frequent sales and/or coupon codes that bring your $25 gift certificate down to around $3! I got two $25 gift certs. for a total of $7. :) Yay! Just make sure to read the fine print - you usually need to buy two full entrees, spend at least $50, or something like that.

  4. My friend uses all the time! I however always forget about it...thanks for the reminder!

  5. thanks for the heads up- love blogging b/c you are privy to all of these great finds you'd never run across by just yourself!

    love apple pie, but Door County is cherrytown usa- the nation's 3rd largest producers of cherries, so I do make an exception for pie, crisp, crumble, etc when there are cherries involved ;)



  6. AEO- I was wondering if you would mind sending me your email? I came across something for you & I wanted to send it along but, I can't send an attachment to your blog. I would appreciate it so much!
    Thanks a million,
    xox MBM


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