Monday, August 24, 2009

Solheim Sunday

We had so much fun on Sunday at the final day of the Solheim Cup. After watching some of the tournament on tv on Saturday, we were both a little nervous about Europe being able to take the cup. However, Americans are known for their ability to play well on Sundays in previous Solheim Cup tournaments, and they definitely delivered! Morgan Pressel ended up with the winning shot on hole 16- the roar from the crowd was awesome! Michelle Wie played like a rock star all weekend. This is after she has struggled with the fame and pressure throughout her career on the LPGA. I'm only hoping that this week gave her the mental stamina, the confidence, and the fan support to win her first LPGA tournament soon! She was really fun to watch- she was SO excited after every hole. Paula Creamer (my favorite!) was able to pull off a win on hole 16 over Suzann Petterson, an amazing European player, and that seemed to set a great tone for the rest of the afternoon. It was Juli Inkster's last Cup, and I'm so glad I was able to see her come through on the 17th hole. What an amazing career she has had!

The crowds were so nice and so supportive of the ladies. It was so fun chatting it up with people and cheering together for the USA. While not as big, it had a similar feel to the Olympics. The nice thing about LPGA events vs the PGA events is that there are fewer spectators which truly allows you to get up close to the best players out there and feel like your cheering is truly making a difference. On that same point, the LPGA is one that definitely deserves more support. The women are phenomenal players, and it would be nice if there events were covered more by mainstream media and if more people came out to support them.

Have you ever attended a LPGA event? If the LPGA comes to your area in the next year, I would highly recommend heading out to see them play! It's a great experience. Quite kid friendly too, in my opinion. I think you all would LOVE it, and I know the players would love the increased support!


  1. I did have the opportunity to see an LPGA event about 4 or 5 years ago out in western Massachusetts. I so agree with you that it was a great event and that the Ladies events just don't not get the coverage and attention as the PGA. Michelle Wei is terrific, she'll get back on track. I saw Julie too!

  2. What a fun event to attend! I hope your entire weekend was wonderful!

  3. I watched a little of the tournament this weekend and was practically green with envy that you were there live! I am so glad you had such a great time!


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