Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quick post!

**I just found out a college girlfriend and sorority sister of mine is in the process of adopting a baby from Ethiopia. She and her husband have always felt called to adopt and, after she did a mission trip there this spring, she knew she was there for a purpose. They are finished with the paperwork and now are on the waiting list (6-12 months). I'm beyond thrilled for them and can't wait to see the first picture of their darling child. Reading her "announcement" email and then talking to her on the phone made me realize (again) how awesome of a person she is and how truly devoted she is to God's plan in her life.

**Please, someone, help me figure out what you do with your dog at night!! We have been kenneling her at night but she always wakes us up around 1 or 2 am barking and whining like crazy until we let her out of the crate. She doesn't have to pee, she just wants out. She then wants to get into bed with us and snuggle, but, ladies, she is 80 lbs and too big to share our bed. We only have a queen! Plus, she'll probably be around 120 when full grown, and we just can't have another full size body in our bed with us. Do you guys use a dog bed? Does your dog stay on it all night? Anyone do anything else? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as our sleep is sorely lacking in the last few weeks. Also, for those of you who have larger breeds, which chew toys last the longest for you? Junie B loves her kong, but I need something else to keep her busy as she is a CHEWER!

**After seeing so many bloggers post about the Gap Fit parties, B and I went last weekend to try some on. He was in desperate need of new jeans, and I'm always looking for ones that have a good fit. Plus, at least three pair of mine are old and yucky and just need to be tossed. We both found jeans we loved! Yippee!
B got the Standard. They fit him like a dream, and, because of his consistent training for the marathon, he is officially a size smaller! Such a proud wifey, I am!

I ended up getting the perfect boot in the dark wash. They actually make my butt look small and there is no gapping in the waist. It truly is a great fit for me!

Definitely consider heading over to the Gap to check the new styles out. B's jeans ended up being under $40/pair (I made him get two because they looked so good!). Steal!

Have a wonderful day out there!


  1. I have a chocolate lab that also very large, he's 110lbs. and even though we have a king there is not enough room for my husband, me and him. We have a dog bed that goes on the ground by the end of our bed and he loves it now. At first it was hard to get him to love it but now he prefers it over our bed, he likes his space just as much as we like ours. I would suggest getting him a dog bed and getting him use to that idea. Good luck!

  2. We crated for a while when he was a pup and and then moved to "gated". He has full run of the family room and kitchen. Usually rotates positions between the couch, his dog bed (LL Bean) and under the kitchen table. He is a 60lb chocolate lab. We started slowly by leaving him out of the crate when we would run out for a bit and worked him up from there. He would actually do fine with roaming the whole house, but with 2 little ones it is easier to leave the gates up.

    Good luck!!!

  3. at that price I'll have to check them out. xo

  4. I bought some of the dark standard Gap jeans for Mr. Pink 2 weeks ago! They're great! Good luck with the dog. Those middle of the night wake-ups are good training for a baby. :)

  5. My puppy, all 80 lbs of him as well, sleeps on a dog bed right next to our bed, on my side, and does really well all night, as long as we wore him out during the day. I think he just likes to be close to us, and I know he would be heading into our bed as well if we let him. I think it might be worth a try! We got him a great dog bed at Costco, and we paid I think $20.00 for it. Good luck!!

  6. If you want your dog to stay in the crate all night (which I did) AND you want to sleep-- you have to get your dog out of the habit of the middle of the night whine time. I had a sweet Rottie & crated her for about 2 years. She loved her crate but did the same thing when she was little. I kept her crate next to my bed. I would usually just reassure her, I kept the crate covered (the top) to keep light comes the mean part--if she whined to come out at night, I squirted her with a spray bottle. You can also shake a can of pennies etc...the dog will associate the noise with whimpering & not you and stop. at least that's what I did with Chevy. Sometimes, you have to be the boss. Dogs are pack animals & you have to be the loving Alpha. I had this book ages ago & loved it


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