Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall Colors!

We had a great weekend up north.  We hiked the ski hills with my mom, Ralph, their new dog and Junebug, took lots of long walks, raked Gram's huge yard (raking is my favorite outdoor "chore"), ate great meals, and enjoyed time with the fam.  Today was a LONG car ride home (over 7 hours- normally 6), but worth it for such a great weekend.  B is out tonight at the Wilco concert with some of his friends- he's going to be a tired boy in the morning :) 

Here are some pics we took while we were up there- enjoy!!

I have zero photoshop skillz, so these are (obviously) untouched, but still give you a sense of how gorgeous it was!  I hope you all had a great fall weekend as well!!


  1. Beautiful! What a great way to spend the weekend!

  2. Beautiful pictures! We really do have the best Fall up here!! :)

  3. Could those pictures be more beautiful! So glad you had a nice weekend!


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