Friday, October 9, 2009

It was SO good!

I definitely cried, though not nearly as much as I expected to.  It was so much funnier than I expected it to be that my tears were replaced with out and out laughing!  The picture below set off the funniest part of the whole episode- I mean Nard Dog with a walker?  Dwight kicking the bridesmaid?  Hysterical!

I just loved it SO much.  We'll keep this one on the DVR for lazy Friday nights when we need a good laugh.  I've seen on a few of your blogs that you also loved it!!  Were you all just actively cringing during the rehearsal dinner when they were trying to cover up the pregnancy from Meemaw?  I just felt for them!!  SO awkward!


In other news, B runs the marathon on Sunday!  I can't wait to cheer for him.  I'll be at miles 8, 16, 21, and then end (though I will be after the finish line).  Hopefully his training will pay off and he'll be incredibly proud of himself at the end.  It's all I'm praying for!  I'll post on Monday with all the details.  We've got a brunch date tomorrow morning, the expo after that, and the Michigan game tomorrow night.  All three should be low-key enough that he'll be able to stay off his feet for most of the day and allow him to get completely rested before the big day! 

Have a great weekend, everyone!!  Hopefully it'll be nice where you live and you can enjoy the fruits of the fall!  If you have apple cider or a cider doughnut, savor a bite for me!!


  1. I thought it was so funny, and cute... and I cried when Pam was crying about her veil b/c that was totally something I would do...

  2. it WAS good!!! Best of luck with the marathon on Saturday!!! Wishing him well and good luck.

  3. I thought it was such a great episode! Best of luck to B with the marathon!!

  4. thinking happy thoughts for your marathon man! and I fall in love more and more with nard dog every episode!



  5. I was just cracking up. It was soo funny!


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