Friday, October 30, 2009

No news!

She counter offered yesterday at the deadline; we counter offered back.  She has until today at noon to let us know if she is going to accept our final offer.  This waiting game is NOT fun, and the thought of going house hunting again doesn't thrill me either.  Hopefully she will accept it though- it's a great house!!! 

I'll update later!

PS- How funny was Jim's quote last night?  "Yes I'm the popular networking site known as BookFace."  Hysterical and SO Jim.  And how creepy was Andy when he kissed Pam's belly?  Ewwwww.........  Though he slightly redeemed himself when he mentioned that he just really wanted a wife and kids.  He would be a great, incredibly dorky yet oh so fun, dad. 


  1. I was laughing so hard after just the intro of The Office last night- "um have you ever been koi ponded?"

  2. I can't imagine how dreadful this waiting game is... good luck!!!

  3. LOVED The Office last night. I was laughing at the d in a box costume at the beginning and my husband totally missed the box! We had to rewind like 5 times for him to notice it.

  4. Great show! I was wishing for a costume dance off! I just loved the wedding one so much!

    I am playing the waiting game too...not fun.

  5. ooooh you see, I fell more in love with Andy when he did that last night!



  6. Oh I do not envy you at all... it's still a buyer's market so you should have the upper hand still... but it is no fun. We moved just over a year ago. We had 6 weeks between our offer and closing. It was the most stressful 6 weeks of my life. Hang in there and we will keep our fingers crossed for you!

  7. Good luck with the house situation - sending good vibes your way! Loved the Halloween episode of The Office - classic!


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