Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Working for the weekend!

Tunnel of Trees in Harbor Springs

Today is day three of three at the hospital, and I'm so glad that in 10 hours I'll be done for the week! Tomorrow after B gets home from work, we're hopping in the car for our annual fall weekend up north. The leaves are at their peak right now, and it's not supposed to rain at all, so it should be beautiful up there! Bestie, S, is riding along with us to see her parents for the weekend as well. Even though we won't arrive until after midnight tomorrow, it's so worth it to wake up Friday morning knowing we have the whole day.

Some of our weekend plans include:
*Meeting mom and Ralph's new dog, Orion (they got him from the shelter last week after walking dogs at the shelter for 2 months. They totally fell in love with him!)
*Hiking the ski hills at Nubs Nob with the dogs- great exercise for us and the dogs (hopefully some good photo ops too)!
*Eating Boston Cream Pie for dessert on Friday night while celebrating my birthday. (Doesn't this look delish? I can't wait to try it!)
*Golf (for B and my brother at  Crooked Tree.  Simply fabulous fall colors on this course.)
*Either shopping downtown or heading into Bay Harbor for the Harvest Festival
*Lunch at at least one of my favorite restaurants (Gurney's, Flatiron Deli, or Roast and Toast)
*Running with S on Sat morning to burn off the cake from the night before
*Champagne toast to celebrate B's marathon victory (hey, he placed 18,000 and something out of 33,000 runners- that's definitely not last place, so it's a huge victory!)

The high the weekend is only 52 (and that's the day we leave!).  BRRRRRR!  It's going to be chilly!  I'll just have to pack warm clothes, heavy socks, and a cute scarf to keep me warm!  I'm not going to let it bother me on bit though!  We'll just have to exercise a bunch to stay warm and snuggle with the pups when we're indoors! 

Tell me about your weekend plans- pumpkin patch, apple picking, decorating the house for Halloween, baking, shopping for layers or new boots???  Keeping up in blogland will be tough after Thursday afternoon, so lay it out for me now! 


  1. That sounds like an amazing weekend!!!! Our plans are up in the air right now....probably tennis, probably some good runs, maybe apple picking. Have fun up north :)

  2. How much fun are you going to have this weekend!! Could not be a more beautiful time of here!

  3. Your weekend sounds fantastic!

  4. pretty much it sounds incredible! champagne toast up north couldn't be any better!



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