Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our family room

Our family room comes right off our kitchen.  They're definitely the two rooms that will always remain the heart of the home (and truly what sold us on the home in the first place).  We have a few more things we still need to do in here, but since we did buy new furniture, I thought I'd show you the current set up.

These are the comfy oversized chairs with matching ottoman.  The are in the bay window that overlooks the deck and the back yard. 

This is one of the two walls that goes into the kitchen.  The map is a nautical chart of Little Traverse Bay that we had framed (one of our favorite pieces).  Once puddin arrives, the pack and play will more than likely end up in that corner.  You can also see the pocket doors that divide the kitchen from the family room. 

Our couch (with the prime spot being taken up by Junie!) and a bit of the fireplace wall.  The mantle is not finished yet, so no good pictures to show.  We have a coffee table that I cut off, but it sits nicely in the area in front of the couch. 

Things we have yet to do in here:  varnish the armoire that goes on the other wall that attaches the kitchen to the family room, paint the fireplace screen from the current gold to black, figure out what we are going to do on the top of the mantle besides the few silver candlesticks that are already there, hang the oar (from the rowing club at Yale- B's Grandfather's) on the soffett above the bay window (where the red chairs are), and decide which artwork to hang behind the couch.  Most of that is just easy cosmetics, so we're sure it can be completed before the beginning of March (our deadline on our spreadsheet).


  1. love you for having a spreadsheet to chart out when all of your projects need to be done! plus the Yale oar! So fun :)


  2. Really nice! It looks like a cozy place to unwind. My dog is jealous to see your pooch on the couch. It's Payton's big dream to rest on the couch!! :)

  3. Your house is becoming home! I love everything you have done.
    I have always wanted an old map to hang...

  4. Wow! You're really making progress on the new house... way to go...

    Do you mind if I ask what kind of fabric you use for your couch, especially the tan one that Junie is on? With three dogs I can't seem to keep a couch clean so we always opt for dark leather, but I am craving something plush and stuffed as our next couch when we move this summer....

  5. You are making great progress! :)


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