Thursday, January 14, 2010


Who Hoo!  The dining room is completely primed with this primer.  It has made our rooms a not so pretty grey color; however, it has completely covered the red that was previously in the room.  We have already bought the navy paint and will hopefully be getting it on the walls this weekend!!!  Edging isn't the most fun, but I've gotten better at it as I've gone along.  Thank goodness for wet soapy rags to clean up my small mistakes!! 
Other updates:
1.  My mom comes this weekend to visit.  I can't wait to show her the house and be able to spend some time with her.  She's super excited to go to babies r us and help us start our registry.

2.  Our new knobs for the kitchen cabinets arrived yesterday.  They make the kitchen look SO much better.  I'm thrilled with them.

3.  I swear I will take some pictures this weekend and update the blog with them next week.  There is a lot, lot, lot to do, so I've been hesistating on the pictures, but if I show you how "old" (read: dated) some of the things are, then you all will be REALLY impressed once we do even the bare minimum to make things cuter!

4.  Did I tell you that our oven blew up last week?  Yup, we had J and B over for Sunday night dinner and 10 minutes after we put in the pork roast, the bottom oven coil started sparking, turned a bright blue and then went black and completely cold.  (I was so afraid our brand new house was going to start on FIRE!)hgntmhn  ;/l   Now, we knew we would have to replace the oven eventually (it's originally to the house- ie 23 years old!!!), but we were hoping that we could do that in the fall.  Our darling realtor bought us a home warranty, so we called and the oven is covered!!!  We had a repair guy come out today and he is not sure if he can find a replacement coil (I really doubt it since it's so old), and if they can't find a replacement, we'll get an allowance for a new oven!!!  Ours is built into the wall and there is space for a double oven or a warming drawer with very little configuring cabinets, so I'm praying that the coil cannot be found and we'll get the allowance to get a head start on an amazing oven!!! 

That's it from here!  Happy Thursday to all of you out there :)


  1. Thanks for the encouragement the other night. The weather got to above 40, so after lunch I put the dog on a leash and went for a walk. We're planning to do it again today. If I can do this for 3 days this week, then maybe next week I'll make it to the gym or I'll convince my husband I need the WiiFit!!!
    Have a wonderful visit with your mom. I bet she is really excited!!

  2. Good luck! Hopefully they won't find that coil!

  3. I will have my fingers crossed that you will get a new over!

  4. We must be long lost friends... Our dining room was also red and we (mainly I) painted it dark navy!! The navy is so dark it does not photograph well, but I can send you some pics. I am in the process of restoring our table -- going to make it black. Our curtains are navy and white. Now I just have to figure out what color I want to cover the chair cushions in.

  5. Love love love navy! I can't wait to see the pictures!

  6. Congratulations on all the progress, and condolences on the oven. I'm crossing my fingers you get a new one, hopefully the coil will be obsolete. Have a wonderful time with your Mother!


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