Monday, January 11, 2010

Our inspiration nursery

Project Nursery was a blog I came across a year ago and added it to my reader right away.  I love, love, love the ideas on the site and knowing we wanted babies eventually, I figured it would be a great space to get inspiration from.  The author is one of the owners of Little Apple Designs out of LA, and she posts some of her own work as well as "real people" and other designer's nurseries. 

This picture just happened to be one of the pictures I consistently went back to, and as soon as I showed it to B, he totally agreed that it was perfect for our nursery.  What's funny is that it's actually the blogger's son's room!!  I love that it's traditional, clean, and with just a few accents it can be perfect for a boy or girl. 

Now, some of you will say that this is totally a baby's boy room, and I can see that for sure.  However, B and I adore the color blue, love the classic white furniture, and the lattice work on the accent wall is soooo cute.  B and I both think that it needs some cute accents for it to be made a little more girly, so we are adding a white, slightly ruffle-y bedskirt to the bottom of our crib, we are trying to find a white ornate 8x10 picture frame to frame a monogram over the crib, and our shelves will have pegs below them so that we can hang a white or light pink classic (probably smocked) dress. 

We have picked out a white chenille rocker for the room (scotchguarded of course!) and are looking for a white toybox.  While the dresser looks fantastic in this room, we have made the bold choice to add one big pop of color and instead will be going with this if it's a girl..........

Doesn't that pink accent dresser just pop against those blue beds?  It's just the perfect amount of girly!  I think with the few other small girly details (like a pink grosgrain ribbon holding up the monogrammed frame)the typical light blue and white all boy nursery will be able to be transformed into a sweet, perfectly appropriate girls room. 

If the baby is a boy, the dresser is going to be fire engine red and the monogram will have a red bow for it's pops of color, just in case you're wondering! 

We have sanded the dresser down and are going to give it one coat of white paint and primer all in one.  Once the baby arrives and the parental units come to stay with us, we're going to have one of the grandfathers paint it the appropriate color.  It'll be a good job to keep them busy! 

If any of you have any great nursery suggestions or other ideas, I'd love to hear them!  Also, if you have any recommendations on where to find a darling sheep rocker like the one in the first picture, let me know.  If you hate everything above and think I'm completely crazy, it's cool- just don't let me know :)


  1. That's the Pottery Barn crib, right? Are you going to get one? Let me tell you from experience as a nanny--they are wonderful!

    Love the look! I can't wait to see how it all turns out :)

  2. I love the choice of blue. It can so be for a boy or a girl! And the pink (or red) dresser is perfect!

  3. love the blue- it's a heavenly blue and ahem, Mary's color was blue after all. the pink-pop will tie it all together if Puddin's a girl :) seriously, the room is perfection!


  4. The nursery is beautiful! Cant wait to see it finished!

  5. Um are we long lost friends?!?! Totally have had the blue nursery picked out for at least a year! Pink accents for a girl, red or navy for a boy, otherwise pretty simple...LOVE IT!!! (at least I have had it picked out, not sure what hubby thinks.) Now if we can just fill it!

  6. Love it! It is going to be adorable. Can't wait to see it!

  7. Some of my very good friends didn't find out the sex of their baby and they went with blue for the baby's room, and even though she turned out to be girl, the blue room is still perfectly appropriate. I think you can get sheep rockers at FAO Schwartz, but they'll be spendy....

  8. I love it! I think I want to wait to find out the sex whenever we have kids, and I've always thought I would do a grayish blue color on the walls and then add pinks if it were a girl. I think that can definitely be a little girl's room or little boy's room with the right accents! Lovely!

  9. What great color inspiration for the nursery! I think the light blue will be beautiful for either gender. You can always go back and add more boy/girl colors once the bebe arrives. That is what we did. I never thought I would want I lot of pink, but once she was here I added touches of it to the room.

  10. The first one is GORGEOUS and I absolutely love the pink dresser. SO CUTE!


  11. love the color! What is it?


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