Friday, January 1, 2010

Goals for 2010

I am definitely the type who prefers goals to resolutions.  Something about the checklist of goals that I can cross off is prefered to me.  With that said, here are mine for 2010.....

1.  Keep my body healthy and strong so that the birth of my first child in May will go as smoothly as possible.  Do this by continuing to work out, trying out some prenatal exercise videos (especially yoga ones to help with stretching), remembering to take my prenatal vitamins, washing my hands when around all my germy little patients, and increasing the amount of vegetables and fruit I eat on a daily basis.  I also want to add to this goal that I would like to see my body get back into it's pre-baby shape by the end of 2010.  While I know it may never look exactly the same, I want to be the best version of my body that I possibly can be by the end of the year.  Healthy mommy= healthy family.

2.  Settle into our house and make it truly "ours".  Do this by painting 6 rooms by May, cleaning the carpets, setting up and decorating the nursery, figuring out what we want for dining room furniture, keeping up on the housework (!!), making the cork table for the kitchen, set up the new wine glass light fixture, and spray painting the fireplace grate.

3.  Become an independent practitioner at work.  Continue to work on my patient and consult notes, become comfortable with dictating, become increasingly fluent with lab values, and get better at reading xrays and CT scans.  I am loving my new job and the group I am working with, and I want them to feel that when they hired me, they hired the right person. 

4.  Catch up with old friend who live in GR and find a few ways to make new ones as well. 

5.  Find a church that both of us feel comfortable in and draws us closer as individuals and as a couple to God.  There are tons of churches in this area, and while this goal may take us awhile, I will continue to pray for guidance in this area!!

6.  Support B in all his endeavors and goals for this year.  Show him how proud I am of him by complimenting him, giving him time to accomplish his goals (one of which is to run 1000 miles in 2010!!), and allowing him to be the best dad he can be by not constantly stepping on his toes or being an overbearing new mom. 

Hopefully writing this down and referring back to it will allow me to get these things DONE in 2010.  Best of luck to all of us as we strive to be our best selves in this new year!!

BTW, are you saying twenty ten or two thousand ten?  I think I'm in the two thousand ten camp. 


  1. Love your goals for 2010 (I'm a two thousand and ten girl) :)
    Hope you have a great New Year and that the arrival of the new baby be the highlight of the year for you.

  2. What great, healthy goals! 2010 will be an unforgettable year for you!

  3. I am two thousand ten group as well...

    I love the idea of goals. Something to work towards rather then something to break!

    I am thinking of some goals right now...

  4. What wonderful goals! I'm not one for resolutions, either, as it seems like they are just begging to be broken! I can't wait to see how your house comes along...I'm hoping you'll share some photos with us! :)

    Also, moving to a new place and making new friends is definitely difficult so I wish you the best of luck. Sometimes it just happens gradually...but you will meet people through work and through other people you know. Eventually it will all come together!

    Oh, and I'm a two thousand ten girl all the way. I heard Joy on the View talk about something that happened in "20-0-3" the other day and I thought it sounded CRAZY.


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