Monday, March 21, 2011

Big boy rooms

I am starting to dream about Spencer's "big boy" room.  Before Spence was born, we knew his nursery would always stay the nursery, and that he would have to move up when any subsequent kids were born.  While we aren't on the path of having to move him up yet, I still find myself daydreaming about where we are going to go with his room.  I figure if I start looking for pieces now, I won't feel so pressured to "have" to buy something just because I "need" it, I can search and wait for the right pieces to come along and fall into place. 

When we did the nursery, I knew exactly what I wanted.  Even though we didn't know if we were having a boy or girl, I wanted the nursery to be blue and white.  I love blue, B was on board, and I knew that we could easily accent with pink in key places to make it "girlier".  I still feel that the room will be perfect for a girl if God blesses us with one- I have the perfect spot for her monogram!

So, what to do when SYT moves into his new room?  I adore navy and white with red accents and I've always wanted to do his room in these colors.  B is fine with this as long as the room doesn't scream "You're a Grand Old Flag, You're a high flying Flag".    Spencer's future room is quite large with a good size closet and a great indented spot that we're hoping to find a great bookshelf for.  We already have two twin beds that will remain in there as well.

 A few of my inspiration rooms are below..... 

(love this, but white coverlets with a toddler boy??  I think that may be a bad decision.)

(this one may be too much like our nursery)

all via Nestegg

via Coastal Living

(Soooooo fabulous!)
Pheobe Howard

(Love the graphic wall, abhor the headboards)

(Currently on the hunt for a used white or red sunfish sail for this look!)
via PBK

via Gramercy

I love the idea of a bold statement wall, whether it is stripes, a sail, or two really cool headboards (we've talked about making them ourselves!).  We definitely are leaning towards a loose version of a nautical theme as well.  Anything above strike your fancy?  Any ideas you want to share with me?


  1. I, of course, LOVE the nautical bedroom look! Sadly, it's tough to find in girlie colors (hence why I am making First Mate her quilt). I think you will have such a fun time doing this! When I was at the local museum in Annapolis, MD, they had a great sailboat mobile that would look perfect in a room like the above - it was too mature for a nursery but good for a big kid room. Let me see if I can locate it online for you!

  2. Voila!

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