Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fun with friends

It was so incredibly wonderful to have the besties over for the weekend.  They arrived Sat around noon.  S with PWK and N with BJS and HMS.  Our good friend M and her sister in law and her son W came over for a playdate as well.  It was chaotic, messy, and oh so much fun! 

Pic above is of Spencer, W, and PWK playing together on the floor.  The Zany Zoo we got Spence for Christmas was a big hit with the babies and with the 3 yr olds.  I'm glad it's something he won't grow out of soon!
PWK- isn't he just darling????  He is the spitting image of his daddy.  It's amazing!!  Don't you just want to eat him up?  I think it's the eyes.  They're soooo expressive.  He is just on the verge of crawling and it was interesting to see him lunge forward onto his hands and then just watch him try to figure out what to do next.  You could tell he was getting frustrated (not that he fussed or anything- just by the thoughtful expression on his face).  He's so ready, and I just know that S will call me in the next week or two saying that he's taken off!!
Trying to get a pic of all the kids on the couch.  This is seriously the best shot I got.  Thank goodness I do not have 5 kids I have to pose for a Christmas Card or for family pictures.  It's impossible!!
The babies on the couch together.  PWK and W are a few days apart in age and Spencer is older than both of them by 10 weeks.  PWK is a little bigger than SYT and W is just a teeny little guy!!  He army crawls and gets whatever/wherever he wants.  It's hysterical!!
N's twins, B and H.  They turned 3 about two months ago and are so busy, so adventurous and so funny.  They loved riding on B's back and I know B can't wait for SYT to be able to play like they do.  It's amazing to me that they were born at 28 weeks (that's 4 months early!) and spent almost 4 months in the NICU at birth.  They are healthy, smart, beautiful kids and so so so lucky!

N, S, and I went out for dinner by ourselves on Sat night.  We put the babies down before we left and B played with the twins and read them stories before they went down.  It was delightful to have a girls night out.  I just wish there was some way they could both live here.  I don't think I'll ever find friendships like the one's I have with them with anyone here, and it would be so nice to have them around to share more of our lives together.  I suppose I just have to be thankful they're in my life at all- I definitely couldn't make it through without either of them!!! 

Once again, girlies, thanks for coming.  I appreciated it so much!!!

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