Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Okay, I've been a bad blogger lately!  I have a ton to say but haven't had a moment to put it out there.  So.....just to get a post up and to let you all know I'm alive, this is going to be a quickie list of things going on here.

1.  The two besties and their kids come on Sat to visit.  YEA!!  I absolutely cannot wait to see them.  I have only met PWK once since he was born in July (awful, right?).  He is 10 weeks younger than Spence, just as cute, and just as good.  I can't wait to love on him.  I'm also sooo excited to see the twins.  They turned 3 in Jan and are full of energy.  It'll be great to get a glimpse of my future with boys!!

2.  All this early morning and late afternoon light is really, really making me long for spring and gardening.  I'm hoping to place a seed order in the next few weeks so that I can start my seedlings indoors in late April.  Have any of you ever ordered from the Burpee (or any other seed) catalog?  Any recommendations on favorite vegetable or fruit seeds?

3.  Next Friday (the 10th) B is getting his wisdom teeth out.  I'm praying for a successful surgery and one without too much pain.  My mom is coming down to help as it is also my weekend to round at the hospital and I'm not counting on B to be able to take care of Spence the morning after surgery.  It'll be nice to have my mom around for a few days- she's SO helpful when she visits!  I feel like we get so much accomplished!

4.  On Sunday B and I saw a the white of a tooth starting to pop up on SYT's lower gum.  Monday??  It was GONE!  I think his gum swelled a bunch and just covered it right back up.  Yesterday we were able to see it a little bit again.  My buddy is going to have a tooth in the next week or so, peeps!  Can you believe it??  Hopefully the incredibly amt of drool that he is producing will slow down a bit after it pops through.  Yesterday when I picked him up from daycare, it looked like he had gotten a cupful of water poured over the front of his chest- that's how much drool there was.  Yuck!

5.  I get to see one of my very favorite patients and his family in clinic today.  I absolutely cannot wait to check in with him!

6.  We are in the middle of a very exciting home improvement project.  I can't wait to get it done and share with you the results.  It's going to take a while b/c we don't have a ton of time after work and our weekends have been busy lately, but we're working hard on it! 

7.  My subscription to Cooks Illustrated might have been the best Christmas present I received (oh, and my new ski helmet- it's so frickin warm!).  I have already bookmarked a ton of recipes, and we're trying the first one this weekend.  I'll post  a few here once I try them out. 

Hope all of you are having a great Wednesday morning!!!  Cheers to it being halfway through the week!!


  1. I just got my wisdom teeth out! Don't worry, it's a pretty quick procedure :D

  2. Hi there, new follower here. You might want to check out High Mowing Seeds. I've been to their headquarters in Vermont and they're a really inspiring company! You can find me at if you care to follow!

  3. I had my wisdom teeth out in high school. My parents signed me up for a "free" trial since insurance didn't pay for it. You either got the drug they were testing or the Advil. I got the Advil :)

    I know nothing about seeds!

    Have fun this weekend! 3 year old twins and 2 babies under 1? You are going to be tired!

  4. you need to play Obi Trice's "got yo teeff" for B and SYT ;)

    for the flowers, I know that MoMo would advice to plant ones that are a- perennials and b- bloom at different times of the year and c- pick out colors you really love and go with that- red that leads to red that leads to red- she "paints with flowers"



  5. I've been thinking of getting a Cook's Illustrated subscription. Glad to know you likeit. Have a great weekend with your friends!

  6. It seems amazing your little guy is getting teeth - yikes! We are just like you in our eagerness for spring, and we ordered quite a few seeds from Burpee, although they are all annuals, no fruits or veggies, so we can't help on that count. Copious amount of morning glories though, in that heavenly blue.

    So glad things are perking along, good luck to your mate on the wisdom teeth!


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