Friday, March 25, 2011

Discount code for the most darling site!

I was contacted by The Initial Baby to see if I would like to offer my readers a discount code to their site.  The minute I popped over there, I knew that I would definitely love to promote their stuff.  Ladies, this site is dangerous b/c it has SO many cute things!!!  I don't monogram a ton of things because I know Spencer grows so fast and there aren't many Spencer's out there to resell/give to, and SYT isn't going to be a common initial set for many.  But every once in awhile, you want something special, something that you know you are going to love to see hanging in the closet until your child is big enough to fit into, the perfect outfit for pictures, and the outfit you will pull out of the closet weekly because it's just "too cute"!  That's how I feel about the things below! 

Every baby needs a white sweater- for a chilly easter, for cold nights on the beach, to match everything in the closet, etc (this sweater also comes in pink and light blue).

Order this one NOW!!  So cute for easter!!

Perfect outfits for weddings, summer pictures, church, and any other occasion you are bringing your little one to

The above dress with these bloomers couldn't be cuter for next Christmas!

Every baby needs a sun hat to keep the sun off his or her sweet face.  These are the perfect item to monogram- they'll use them a ton, you won't lose it among all the other sun hats and the beach/pool, and it's not too expensive so it's not a crazy splurge item.

Golf shirt for boys are hard to find and they need a ton of them in the summer.  These are darling, and I love that their the onsie style so that the little baby's tummy isn't exposed all summer long!

Spring jacket, darling sweatshirt, comes in 4 colors, soft and sweet= a must buy!

Now I know there are plenty of my readers who don't have kids yet, but there are still things on the site for you too.  Are you good about packing your lunch for work?  Do you have any baby showers coming up? 
Cutest lunch tote I've ever seen!  (Too bad I just got a new one for Christmas this year or else this would be in my shopping cart asap!)
Gorgeous cable knit blanket is perfect for a shower.  Don't know the baby's name yet?  Print out the picture and tell her it'll arrive once the baby does!
Burp clothes are an essential part of the baby wardrobe.  I love using my cute ones- they make me feel like a much more pulled together mommy.

Tons and tons of darling plates that would be a perfect birthday present for that special kiddo in your life.  They also have a preppy platter that is a great gift for yourself or a friend or family member.

So, have I interested you enough?  Do you like what you see above?  Head on over and enter FACEBOOK into the coupon code section, and you'll receive 15% off your order.  Most monogramming sites don't regularly offer sales, so this is great!!  Enjoy and let me know in the comments what you are liking over there!!


  1. um, yes please!! such adorable stuff. I don't have anything with JW's initials or name on it, so I might have to take them up on their discount offer!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Adorable! Waiting to hear on a baby's name and then I will have to take advantage!!!

  3. What a cute site!! I'm still trying to figure out what we need, and in what sizes...but I hope to take advantage of this!! :)

  4. Oh, good gravy, you are right about the site being dangerous! What adorable things, I am in love with all of them, especially the seersucker bottle bag.

    Sending you a smile,

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