Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Salmon Cove Sale!

I have a Salmon Cove polo and I adore it!  I love all the colors they offer, I love the weight of the shirt (a touch heavier than a normal polo), I love that it's significantly longer than my Lacoste polos (always too short), and I love that you can have the monogrammed!  They are currently offering 20% off all items on their website with the code "Summer" at checkout.  If you haven't tried them yet and are a polo shirt girl like I am, I would highly recommend ordering one while they're on sale! 

Here are a few I'm debating between as we speak..............................

Premier White with Pink Collar

Coral with Teal Collar

White Jacket with Pink Pulls (B, I need this jacket- I still don't have a white one!!)

Pink on pink long sleeve

Also, when you are looking at their website, don't forget to check out the darling ways they have named their shirts!  All preppy cities throughout the US- way fun.  They're based in Chicago, but they do have their shirts in many stores throughout the US, so you can try them on if you live in one of the lucky cities.  I wear a M- which is what I wear in pretty much everything, so I would say they are true to size. 

From their website:
The Salmon represents confidence. Wearing the Salmon communicates that you actively pursue your dreams and have the confidence to swim against the current.

Nice way to think, right?


  1. Those are adorable! I never heard of them before. I love the mint green shirt and the hats are cute too!

  2. Thanks...I got one of their polos last year! xx

  3. So funny. The blog post I just clicked away from was walking about salmon. But, hers was about how good it is for you, not about wearing it!

  4. Where I have been??? Like P&P, I hadn't heard of them either! I need to try one of these!!!


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