Thursday, August 18, 2011

Babies, babies, and more babies!

Nope, not for me!  Something must be in the water, though, because 5 people I know have recently announce their pregnancies.  I am thrilled beyond belief for all 5 of them.  I just love hearing this news because I know how excited the parents are, and I know how much fun they will all have being new parents (for all but one family, this will be the first baby!!)

The best part about this news is that for two of the families, I have been praying and praying and praying that they would get pregnant and have healthy babies.  Both have experienced infertility and have gone through multiple rounds of IVF.  One even delivered twin girls at 21 weeks that couldn't be saved and then miscarried soon after with another baby.  I have no idea how hard it is for those families to be around pregnant women or to be around new babies as I haven't experienced this myself, but I cannot imagine it is easy at all.  I knew there was nothing I could physically do to help these families get what they wanted (but trust me that if I could be a surrogate for every family out there, I would!), so I knew I had to pray as often as I could and with my full heart, mind, and soul, in hopes that God would answer the prayers of these families.  He did, and I have said a hundred "thank yous" over the past few weeks to Him!!  One of the other set of parents tried for over a year and finally were blessed with great news.

I still am praying for the health of all these little ones, and I still have one family (J!!) that I am praying for.  I just really felt called to share all this wonderful news and to say thank you out loud!!  There really isn't much better (in my opinion) than finding out that people who are ready to be parents are getting that opportunity!!

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  1. What an exciting time! I can only imagine how painful and difficult it would be to struggle with infertility. I am so happy to hear these families got their wish! God has a beautiful plan for them, and it's wonderful for you to see that plan play out. Enjoy celebrating and buying little gifts for the mothers to be! I'm sure you'll be attending many showers this year!


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