Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lust List: Kitchen Edition

Below are a few items I've been thinking about, longing for, wanting for my kitchen. 

A pasta maker attachment for my kitchen aid.  Good friends have one and they love making homemade pasta.  B and I love to experiment in the kitchen, and with fall coming, I can totally see us using this on the weekends to make our own lasagna noodles, linguine noodles, and ravioli. 

An ice cream maker.  I'm blaming this one sorely on Annie.  Her homemade ice cream recipes always look amazing, and how good would peach blueberry ice cream or peanut butter ice cream be when it is fresh, fresh, fresh.  I've had a few people tell me that they own ice cream makers that they've never used and that I shouldn't get one, but that's why it's a lust list, right?  And if any of you have one you never use and want to send me, you just let me know!!  I'm an ice cream-aholic and dang proud!!

New bread pans.  I've been needing new ones for awhile, and these from Williams-Sonoma always get rave reviews.  I only have two big loaf pans and need at least four for my bread baking days.  I have a gift card to WS, so the next time I'm at the mall, I just have to remember to pop in there!!

Ooooohhhhh, how pretty is this trivet??  Certainly pretty enough for a dining room table on a holiday or for a dinner party.  It's certainly better than the current trivets I have (yep, that would be an old potholder!!).  I get such a heady, lovely feeling when I peruse Le Crueset stuff.  I want it all!!

New kitchen towels and oven mitts.  Ours have just gotten so ratty and I'd love to send them to the rag pile and get pretty new ones so that I'm not embarrassed when people come over.  I'll have to head to TJs sometime and see what I can come up with. 

A new toaster oven.  Our moms both went on and on about how awful our last one was, so we got a new one.  The one we have now may look better, but it sucks (excuse my language).  It's tiny, it doesn't toast well, and the tray it came with is warped beyond belief.  I hate it.  I really want a new one, and the one below gets good reviews without being over $200. 

So, those are my current "wants" for our kitchen.  What are yours?  Do you have a great toaster and want to divulge why it's so great?  Do have/love any of the kitchen aid mixer attachments?  Do you have a favorite dish towel?  Let's "dish" :) 


  1. I am also lusting after the pasta attachment for our Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

  2. I have the WS dish towels in white and tan...that toaster oven looks like it's up to Sonja Morgan's standards! xx


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