Friday, August 19, 2011

Fabulous Friday

Things that make me happy today........

*A cool morning (59 degrees) that required Spencer and I to wear coats to work and also allowed for a GREAT nights sleep.  Even better?  It's going to be 82 by the afternoon.  This is my version of perfect weather!  It was supposed to rain here most of the weekend, but it's looking now like we'll have some rare, scattered rain with lots of sun in between.  Yea!!

*Being home for a weekend (my first one in a month) and being able to get stuff done.  I do have to round both days at the hospital, but we have only a few patients to see, so I should be able to get lots of cleaning, errand running, and yardwork done. 

*Hearing "Born this Way" on the radio on my way to work.  I always listen to NPR in the mornings, however this morning my car was on the radio and this song had just started.  Lady Gaga is one weird chick, but I do love a lot of her songs!! 

*I just won a bunch of cute outfits on ebay for SYT.  Yea for adorable bargains!!!!

*B is enjoying a weekend away for a bachelor party.  He's SO excited.  I'm excited because it means the wedding of two fabulous friends is coming up in one month!!  It also means that the countdown to Mad-town is ON.  QBS, I will be messaging you for area recs very, very soon!

*Ford is making the Flex in navy blue!!!!!!  They obviously found my blog post that talked about it and decided to do it especially for me (tee hee!!).  Now if only they would get on that wood paneling, my dream car would be waiting for me!!  Nice work on the blue, Ford Motor Co.  Such a classy car color, IMO. 

Have a great weekend, friends!! 

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  1. Me too, I love, love, love that it's around 60 degrees when I leave in the mornings. That's my favorite!

    I also want a navy blue car. But a Chevy Traverse! It's the greatest color in everdom! ;)


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