Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lobster Party 2011

Boy, oh boy, it was H-O-T when we arrived at the party.  We got down to the beach around 6 p.m., and most of us filled up a cocktail glass and headed down to the lake to put our feet in and chat while cooling ourselves off.  After about 20 minutes of feet cooling, we went up to take pictures on the dunes, refill our cocktails, have some appetizers, and chat it up with the fam.
Spencer, 15 months
Harbor Springs, MI

All the cousins together.  The three older ones were so delightful with the two babies.  It was lovely to see!  You can see the darling lobster bows in this picture.  The girls all loved them.

(different middle names though)
All smiles from my two amazing boys.  God in Heaven, thank you for these two blessings.  There isn't anything better than their happy smiles!!!!
A and his girlfriend, A came in from the East Coast for the party.

Family pic

About 8 p.m., my mom came up to get SYT and LGT to take them home for the night.  It was definitely night night time for the little ones.  We were then able to eat our lobster dinners and dance with the band.  Around 9:30 the other little ones left to go home as did B's parents and one of my SIL's.  The rest of us stayed to dance some more and then........the rain started!!!  Not the best thing to happen at an outside party :(
Sister-in-laws make life SO much better!!!!!!

It started pouring around 10 p.m.  The band had to stop playing early which was a bummer.  It did cool the weather off for the rest of the week, which was nice!!  We all had a wonderful, wonderful time as always!


  1. I love the annual lobster party! Everyone looks adorable as always.

  2. LOVE the family pic of the 3 of you guys. So precious!

  3. Looks like so much fun!! The family picture is great!! Lobster tees and bows - adorable!!


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