Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Harbor Springs Vacay 2011

The first week of August (yep, I'm waaaaayyyyyy behind) we went up north for our second week of summer vacation.  B's family from FL and OH was all there, so we spent most of our time with them (though we got to spend a little bit of time with my fam too!).  The weather was amazing, the fam was great, and it was nothing short of awesome to spend 10 days in a row with B and SYT!!

What my buddy looks like on our morning walks.  He is always great in the stroller in the morning (after dinner?  not so much!!)

We stayed over in Harbor at a house that B's brother and his wife rented (his parents and his other brother's family stayed about 10 min from this house), and it was super close to a fabulous playground.  Spence loved it and it kept him occupied for a LONG time.  He loved climbing underneath things and peeking his head out to do peek-a-boo.  Too cute!
(Okay, seriously, when did he grow up?  He looks like he's 3 in this pic!!)
B and I went away for 24 hours down to the Leelenau Penninsula to taste wine, have a fabulous anniversary dinner, spend the night in a hotel, and, best of all, sleep in!!  N&K watched Spencer for  us, which was wonderful.  He did so well (we were nervous!).
The weather was great, the wine was fabulous (our favorite two wineries were 45 North (their pinot gris is the perfect summer wine) and L.Mawby (all sparkling wines)).

Drinking wine in Lilly and Seersucker on a gorgeous summer day?  Don't mind if I do!

We spent lots and lots and lots of time on the beach and at the pool.  Spencer loves the water! 

Playing on the tire swing up at Pond Hill Farm.  It's a petting zoo, working farm, pick your own fruit, type of place that is just wonderful.  The kids all love it!  Spencer just loved the swing and sitting on one of the tractors pretending to drive. 

This is N&K's daughter (our niece) and Spencer just loved staying with her.  She's a really sweet baby and tolerated constant kisses from him!  It was nice having another baby around as LGT and SYT often napped at the same time, so K and I were able to hang out together while they were napping.  Thank goodness for sister-in-laws.  Mine are fabulous! 

Thanks for tolerating my picture heavy posts of late!!


  1. SYT on the tire swing is adorable! I really need to make it up there.

  2. Yea for vacations!! And you are not that far behind - I have 4 months of monthly updates, baptism and Scotland/Ireland pictures to post....Yikes I better get on it!

  3. Love your vacay pics - Harbor Springs is a special place! Have a wonderful holiday wknd. xx

  4. Love Fourty-five North! Never been to L. Mawby but I've heard good things about the vineyard. I hear they serve nice size servings of wine an you get an appetizer too! Maybe I'll include it on my list today. Seeing that it's raining it's a great day to visit the shops in Leland, Suttons Bay and Glen Arbor. Hope you had fun in Harbor Springs!

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    Hope to hear from you soon!


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