Monday, January 2, 2012

Merry New Year!

We arrived home this afternoon after spending the weekend at my mom and Ralph's to celebrate the holidays with them.  It was wonderful to see my family and spend time in their new house.  It's pretty dang awesome and so perfect for them.  I will upload all my pics this week and get a few posted here, but not tonight.

After we got home this afternoon, I made a quick grocery list and headed out to the store.  After getting home, I was able to prep all the chicken and veggies for tomorrow night's chicken noodle soup, make the stock, chop veggies for our baked spaghetti dinner for Wednesday, make dinner for tonight, play with Spence, get his bath/bed done, and get the kitchen cleaned.  If I can keep this up, 2012 is going to be one productive year!!

B&J had their first baby on Thursday, just before we left to go up north.  They named him John- I love that name.  So classic and not one you hear much anymore.  It also meets all my baby name criteria!  It does take it off our list though (cousins who are 5 months apart and live in the same city probably shouldn't have the same name!).  Bummer!  This weekend we are going to make a few freezer meals, some coffee cake, and some chocolate chip cookies to them (more time in the kitchen - yea!!).  We were able to meet him for a little bit in the hospital, and we are very excited to spend more time with him.

We have also got to get all of our Christmas decorations down this weekend.  We haven't been home yet to do it, but it's time.  It'll be a busy, and hopefully very productive, weekend at home.  Putting away laundry, writing thank you notes, and getting in a workout or two also need to get done.  I love knowing that we are home and settled for the rest of the month, so it's all about being productive this month!!  Yea for January!

Do any of you feel the same way?  Now that the holidays have ended, do you feel like your time is your own AND you can make the most of it?  I also love that the cold helps us to be a little more indoor focused so that we can get little things done that we've put off for awhile.  Hopefully I'm not the only crazy person out there who thinks this!  Have a great Tuesday, everyone!!


  1. I agree! However, thinking that I have a whole year until another Christmas makes me a little sad. I do have a lot to look forward too in the next couple of months. Loved you card! My mom was so confused...haha! Happy New Year! xoxo

  2. Wow! You are productive. My Christmas decorations are packed away and I agree with you. I feel time is mine again. And my second son's first name is John. We named him after my dad. It is a classic (but we call him by his middle name).


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