Friday, January 13, 2012


We got SNOW!!!!  It hit the lakefront harder than it hit our house (we're about 50 min inland from Lake Michigan); unfortunately our yard probably only has 2 or 3 inches.  We're supposed to get another inch or so today.  It is so pretty!!!  While I didn't take the below picture, I easily could have- it's almost an exact replica of our backyard!  Amazing what will come up on google images :) 

Tonight when we get home, we are going to shovel the driveway (pointless to do this a.m. with not very much snow and more on the way).  Why is this so exciting??  Because I get to wear my new boots!!  Woo Hoo!  Spencer has a tiny spade/shovel thing, so we'll get him out there too.  He loves "helping" so we'll see if that applies to the wet, cold snow too!

Hopefully those of you northerners who are wishing for some snow this weekend will also get some.  It looks like the storm is heading east as I type.  I just wish that more of the West was being blanketed by the same.  A lot of my family lives in Aspen, and they are dying for snow.  The base is miserable, a lot of tourists have cancelled their trips, and their skiing hasn't been enjoyable for them.  It's rough going in CO right now.  

We aren't supposed to get any more snow in the next week, just lots of cold and wind.  I'm not looking forward to the cold, but I am ready for more snow.  I'm looking ahead in earnest, so bring it on!!  (Boy this makes me sound crazy, huh??) 


  1. I love how it looks out the window right now. I love the picture right after the snow has fallen.
    Ok the snowplow guys have been by twice. Last evening and at 4:45 this morning. (I am just lag that I do not have to do it).
    I love snow--hubby not so much.

  2. What beautiful snow! We got a few flurries, but nothing to write home about although schools are out. I'm pretty sure they let out if the temp drops below 30 around here!


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