Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Resolutions? More like goals......

I've never really been one for resolutions.  To me, why does it have to be January 1st to change anything?  That being said, B and I do have some goals for the months and year ahead, so I'll post them here to have a record and see how we do!

1.  B is onto another 1,000 mile year.  He did this in 2010 too (and was done running his 1000 miles by mid-December).  It's essentially 2.73 miles/day.  Since we now have a treadmill in the basement (and have quit the gym due to lack of time to get there), it should be pretty easy for him to meet this goal.  He always has to have a goal in front of him to keep him running, and he's not in the marathon mindset this year, so 1,000 miles it is.

2.  My goal is to just get out of bed at 5 at least 3 mornings a week to either work on the treadmill or do a workout video.  I don't like getting up that early, but I also know that staying in shape while I was pregnant with Spencer really helped me to get back into shape once he was born and helped keep me sane.  I've been feeling a bit out of control with this pregnancy, and I'm hoping this will help.

3.  We are creating a list of home items that need to be done by the end of 2012 and are breaking them down by month.  These include: getting a painter into the house to get the basement and family room redone, new light fixtures in the breezeway and laundry room, finishing Spencer's big boy room, and getting quotes on hardwood floors in the family room.  There are quite a few smaller items as well.  We have been saving quite a bit this past year in order to get this stuff done, and I'm excited to now spend that money!!

4.  Our other big goal is to sit down and figure out where our finances will be in May when the baby is here.  Would I be able to talk to my boss about staying home a day or two a week?  How much more are we going to contribute to the college account?  What will daycare costs be?  Will our hospitals costs be the same for this baby as they were for Spencer?  Are we going to change our personal expenditures in order to save more?  Etc, etc, etc.  One of the things I feel SO blessed about is that B and I are pretty dang compatible when it comes to finances, so these conversations are never a chore.  Plus, he adores excel and tracking stuff like this, so I just get to talk and he does all the math :)

5.  Have a health baby.  Enough said.

6.  Find a name for above baby. 

7.  Find a double stroller.  This is the one I am dreading the most.  Ugggg....

I can't wait to read about all of your goals for 2012!!  Hopefully accomplishing all of them will be satisfying for all of us!!


  1. Am loving what is already tee'd up for your 2012.

    Amazing Awaits.



  2. I just happened upon your blog today and I love it! I think your resolutions are great, I am working on a running/exercise one as well! I am training for a 1/2 marathon. So far I have a 3 mile loop down pat...awhile more to go though, I have until May so I am keeping my fingers crossed it all works out :) Hope you have a wonderful week and Happy Monday!!
    Twirling Clare


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