Saturday, August 11, 2012

Before you came into my life, I missed you so bad(ly)

Peter turned 3 months old this week! I'm constantly amazed at how fast time is flying with him. He survived his first week of daycare better than I did! His two teachers both thought he was so chatty and such an easy, happy baby. I concur!!

He is taking 3 4.5-5 oz bottles while at daycare and took to the bottles like a champ. Prior to going this week, he had only ever had two bottles, but you'd never know it by watching him guzzle them down. Neither of my boys had trouble transitioning from nursing to bottles to pacifiers. We use the Tommee Tippee bottles because I think they are the most like nursing.  He did have one day where he needed the extra bottle we send- he was so fussy after his second bottle of the day that they gave him more and he sucked down 2.5 more oz for a total of 7 oz!!  Yikes, buddy!

He is sleeping well both at home and at daycare. He consistently needs a long afternoon nap (usually between 1.5-2 hours). I'm shocked he can sleep well at daycare- it took Spencer a long time to adjust to all the noise in the room. Peter does the best when bundled and put in the crib; however, the other day he took a 2.5 hour nap in the lofted area underneath the toy bar! His teacher said he looked so comfy, she didn't want to move him and apparently he loved it based on that nap time!!

He is still waking up overnight to eat. It's frustrating as Spencer was sleeping through the night by now, but I know I can't compare them. Some nights I'll go into the nursery to feed him in the rocker, but most nights I'll pull him into our bed and we'll both fall asleep while nursing. I'll usually wake 30ish min later and then put him back into his crib. He's a quick nighttime nurser, so I am thankful for that! He usually sleeps for a 5-6 hour stretch and then another 3-3.5 hour stretch. I'm just waiting for the day when he does 8 or 9 hours!!

I spent part of this evening putting away baby clothes that no longer fit him. He's over 15 lbs now!! It's been fun to put him into the same clothes that Spencer wore and remenisce about things we were doing when Spence wore that outfit. I've been REALLY good about not buying new things for Peter. There are times when I want to but I also know it would be silly to do so as we have everything he needs. I am looking for matching pumpkin tees for the boys for the fall. It's fun to put them in similar/matching outfits!

Such sweet feet!

Spencer just adores him and wants to kiss, hug, or hold him all the time. I hope he remains in love with him once Peter is old enough to crawl over and steal his toys :)

Love the wrist folds!

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  1. Time is flying. He looks like your hubby doesn't he???


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