Wednesday, August 1, 2012

USA Women's Gymnastics!!

They made it look EASY!!!!  Congrats, were absolutely amazing!!!

Gabby is so adorable and performed as an all around contender should, and Jordyn's floor routine could not have been any more perfect.  Overall, though, I do have to give complete and utter props to Mckayla Maroney. I have never, ever seen a vault as good as hers. She just flies. I'm so glad she gets to compete for the vault individual medel just so that I can see her perform two more times.

I love the Olympics and am going to bed WAYYYYY too late to catch it all.  Not so good with work starting next week!  Should have talked my work into one more week of maternity leave just to be able to stay up next week too!!


  1. You gotta plan these pregnancy/maternity leaves appropriately! I took two weeks vacation to watch the Olympics.

    Gymnastics was awesome. Yes, USA was good, but Russia and Romania just weren't. Aly needed a 10 out of whatever her total possible score was (usually 15-16) to get gold. She could've fallen on her head like she did in warm-ups and still won gold.

    Can we deduct points for that Russian gymnast's serious unibrow?

  2. I should have been unpacking and instead I was watching! LOVE all of the girls. So amazing!

  3. I agree! Gymnasts are awesome. After watching Lauren train for her team this past year, I am amazed at how hard these girls have to train.


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