Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Madison, part II.......the wedding!

B and I at the rehearsal dinner- so cute in his bowtie!!

P&N are a fabulous couple and, really, there's nothing like going to a wedding where you just know that the bride and groom are just meant to be together.

(Great friends that I really miss!!)

Some of the major highlights of the day were:
1.  Our friend's officiating.  I think many of us were nervous for Parker as he has never officiated a wedding before and you just don't know how that is going to turn out.  He was amazing, you guys.  He gave a history of their relationship which was awesome and had spent an hour with each of them interviewing them prior to writing his ceremony, and it ended up being so incredibly personal.  I don't think their was a dry eye in the house during certain parts. 

(P&N after the ceremony- they had beach balls thrown as they walked down the aisle together)

2.  Upon me telling P that his sisters looked gorgeous in their bridesmaid dresses, he stated "Really, I haven't noticed.  I haven't taken my eyes off her (his wife) all night."  Melt!!

3.  Seeing N as a bride.  N is a total ponytail, hoodie sweatshirt, no make-up kind of girl, so to see her with make-up, her hair done, and an incredibly beautiful, slinky wedding dress on was amazing.  She definitely was the star of the show!

4.  Watching P's dad do air guitar to Baba O'Reilly by The Who.  Eventually all three of his kids joined him on the dance floor.  Hysterical and legendary!

5.  The DJ.  I've never heard a better wedding dj in all of the gazillion weddings I've been to.  He totally rocked and the dance floor was full ALL night long!

(Hottie C and his incredibly beautiful future wife, N)


 6.  Spending adult time with B and our friends.  It was truly nice to get away (though I'm not doing it again, ever!  Well at least for a lot of years!!). 

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  1. You and your hubby look so cute! Congrats to the happy couple. Looks like a wonderful time was had be all!


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