Wednesday, September 7, 2011


**Thank you all so much for your comments from my last post.  They totally made my day.  I guess if you are reading me regularly, you probably approve of most things smocked, Lilly, preppy, and the like, so it's not surprising that I got such kind words, but I do want you to know that I did really, really appreciate them.  While I knew dressing Spencer more "baby-like" would be more contraversial in the north, it's nice to know that others do the same (and have gotten the same reactions, no matter where they live!!)!!

**My hair, toenails, and eyebrows are gross.  We have a wedding in 2.5 weeks where we will see wonderful friends, and I need to get with the "operation don't look like a sleep deprived mother" program sooner than later.  I have a dress, I have the jewelry, I have the shoes, now it's just all about the physical stuff.  I've got a call into my hair lady for an apt, I'm hoping to get my eyebrows done on Friday, and I'll probably do my own pedicure this weekend or next.  Let's hope it all comes together....

**I'm seriously obsessed with Pinterest.  I'm here if you want to follow my boards.  I know I already follow a few of you, but who else is out there?  I found the most amazing (and seriously WAY easy) oreo and reece's peanut butter cup dessert today and I'm making it this weekend to take to work on Monday.  I also am dying to try the (baked) pumpkin spice doughnut holes.  YUM!

**Labor day came and went and with it went all forms of summer weather.  I actually asked B last night if we could turn on the heat (didn't happen).  It's been in the 40s the last two mornings!!  I was hoping it would be a warm September, but so far, that's a no go. 

**We watched "Something Borrowed" over the weekend.  Very formulaic, but I still loved it.  John Krasinski is definitely in my top three.  He plays such sweet guys and you can't help but love him.  I would hope he is as sweet and nice in real life!!

**One of the kiddos in Spencer's daycare class just moved up to the toddler class about three weeks ago.  The toddler's all play outside at the end of the day, so we always walk by her as we are leaving to go to the car.  Every single day, he walks up to the fence and says "bye-bye" to her and then leans in for a kiss.  It melts my heart every time.  Seriously, nothing cuter than toddlers kissing, and it's nice to see  remembering someone.  His best buddy in his class is going to move up this month and it's going to be so hard for him.  Luckily he'll be moving up to the same class 3-4 weeks later!!

**B had to run 18 miles last weekend, this weekend he steps back to 14, and next weekend it's the 20 miler.  Just think about that- he's going to run 20 consecutive miles because he WANTS to for four hours straight!!!  Marathon training is intense and I'm really proud of him for doing it (again).  I'm really nervous about being able to get Spencer all around the city while also trying to see B at at least
4 spots, but hopefully we can do it.  I know it's a lot more pleasant to complete the marathon when you are being cheered on by people who love you!  I also know that B's ultimate reward will be eating pizza at Pequod's after the race (we miss Chicago restaurants so much!!)

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  1. Marathon training is intense. My friend Jenn has done it a few times.

    Baked pumpkin donut holes sound delicious, but not on my bridesmaid diet!


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