Thursday, May 9, 2013

Peter is ONE!!!!!!!

My sweet baby is one today. I'm not sure how this has happened!! This year has just gone by so fast. Gone are the days of snuggling on the cough while breastfeeding, being dairy free, tiny baby cries, swaddling, spit ups (well....that still occasionally happens), middle of the night feeds, and sweet, sweet baby sleepers, gowns, and clothes.
All of a sudden, I have a big, happy, still sweet as pie, toddler who is "so big" (as evidenced in above picture)!

(Already beginning with the golf obsession!)
 I never could have imagined that at one year of age two boys could be so different. Peter is so incredibly different both in looks and in personality than Spencer was.

Peter is a man on the move. He is constantly climbing, getting into cabinets, riding the tricycle, pulling out all the toys, etc. We definitely didn't live through this with Spencer. He (SYT) was (and still is) a much more hesistent child than Peter is. I know that Peter is into more because we have a lot more things to get into now. With SYT we didn't have a lot of toys lying around and now Peter has a whole playroom of stuff to disrupt. He is able to get up and down the steps without any difficulty. It's actually quite scary to see how fast he can do it!! One of his favorite things is to stand on Spencer's scooter and have one of us push him around. He just smiles and laughs while we're pushing him. SO cute!! He takes 5-6 steps regularly and can stand for 10-15 seconds on his own. Definitely not a true "walker" yet, but darn close!!

Peter is a good sleeper. He usually goes down between 6:45-7:30 and wakes between 5:30 and 6:15. He takes 1-2 naps per day. At daycare he is now sleeping on the cot instead of in the crib (they transition around a year) and is apparently doing well on the cot!! I wish he would sleep a little later in the morning (especially on the weekends!!), but overall, I cannot complain!!

He is saying momma, dadda, and lots of babababas. He does say baw for ball instead of the other bah sound which is just a noise for everything. I can tell a definite distinction. He waves bye-bye, he claps when we say yea, he does so big, and signs more and milk. I'm pretty sure that his sign for milk means both milk and momma though! He also makes a puh puh sound a lot. He loves to do raspberries and give HUGE open mouth kisses. He is still a pacifier kid. He uses it for naps/nighttime and during fussy spells. I feel like we need to start limiting it now that he is one though I know that is going to be tough to do!! He loves it!

He is currently wearing 12-18 month clothes and weighed over 22 lbs last month at a sick visit at the pediatrician's office. I would guess he is close to 23 lbs at his visit later this month. He is in size 3 shoes and size 5 diapers. He has always been shorter on the growth curve for his age, so we'll see if that changes at his apt this month. I do know that he grew in length considerably as he outgrew almost all his clothes over a two week period in April. It was quite comical when we went through every pair of pjs in his drawer one night and nothing fit!!

(Spencer is such a loving big brother! He truly adores his "Petey" (and, no, we do not let him call him that regularly. It's strictly Peter around these parts.))

PUT is a wonderful eater. He would eat everything in site, all the time, if I let him! He is now on whole milk in a sippy cup during the day though I am still nursing morning and night. B and I were just talking last night about when I planned on dropping those. No plan yet, but I'm sure that will come soon. I feel very blessed to have made it through a year of nursing with both kids and am SO, SO, SO glad to be done pumping. Pumping is a beast, people. And not for the wimpy. I hated every minute of it.

I don't know that Peter has any favorite foods. He doesn't really like ground beef or turkey (must be a texture thing) and has reacted with splotches to homemade spaghetti sauce (we throw the kitchen sink of veggies in ours so we'll have to try some store bought one to see if he reacts to that too). Otherwise, he really likes everything. We don't limit him on what he eats at all anymore. I would say that 75% of his diet is fruits and veggies currently. He loves them and they're the healthiest, so we are big getting both into him for almost all meals and snacks.

He got his first real haircut and looks so old! His cheeks look bigger now. His hair is not as thick as Spencer's is and is much, much darker. B and I both have really thick hair, so my guess is that it will continue to thicken up over time. I was hoping for curls with him as B's hair is curly, mine is wavy, and my dad's is super curly, but Peter's is pretty darn straight. I do notice a small dimple on his right cheek when he smiles really big but it isn't noticable all the time. I hope as time goes on, it stays and becomes more pronounced!

(TROUBLE!!!! and NAUGHTY!!!!) (And right after this he looked up at me and just smiled and was so excited to be splashing in the water!!)

He has been an extremely healthy child this winter. He has only been to the pediatrician one time for a sick visit since birth, and he's only had two days of fever in the first year. That's amazingly better than Spence who struggled so much with ear infections and fevers. He has had zero kidney issues. We will have our next kidney follow up in June with an ultrasound, apt, and blood pressure check, and hopefully all will be well. B and I are thrilled with how well he has been!

We are truly blessed to be parents to our sweet Peter. He has completely stolen our hearts. It was an awesome first year with our dark haired babe, and we cannot wait to see how his personality and life develop in all the years to come! 


  1. He's adorable!! Happy birthday, Peter :-)

  2. Happy Birthday sweet Peter! I love how different P and S are...but they are both the sweetest. Hope he gets a slice of cake!

  3. Too cute! I love his sweet smile. The toilet picture is priceless. Happy first birthday to your little love!


  4. Happy Birthday Peter!!! Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating.

  5. Gosh, time flies. Happy birthday, Peter!!! And congrats to you and B on one year of parenting two precious boys!!

  6. Happy Birthday! Hard to believe he's 1 already. My two boys are so different, too. Always have been. It's fun that way!

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