Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer books (the best kind)!!!

Like anyone else, my summer reading list only gets longer and longer as the days go by and as friends and bloggers post about their newest/favorite books.  I thought I'd post a few of my most recent reads as well as books I'm on the wait list for at the library in hopes that it allows you to find something new for your summer reading list (b/c it's never long enough!!)
I have read ALL of Jodi's previous novels. I loved most of the originals and then stopped liking them for awhile (10th Circle- uggggggg), and this book brings it all back home for me. I absolutely loved it. It's a book about the Holocaust as well as present time and the characters are great. It was definitely hard to put down once I got in bed for the evening!
If you love historical fiction and aren't yet reading Ken Follet's books, please do! Pillars of the Earth is one of my favorite books, and the Century Trilogy (above is book 2) is just as good. I love, love, love that his books are crazy long so that you have a long time to get to know the characters and follow them throughout time. This book is set during WWII (1st book of the trilogy during WWI) and follows families throughout America, Russia, and Europe. Yes, they are long and look intimidating and hard to hold on the beach, but they are so worth it!!

Just finished this 2 nights ago. LOVED. Toad is a wonderful guy and I would have never predicted the ending at all. Conroy's descriptions of Charleston put you right there and you can feel the humidity while sitting in your bed at night. Lovely writing, great book.

Oh, Jen Lancaster, how I love you. You are truly hysterical and every book of yours makes me laugh out loud. This is her newest, and will be out this month! She just posted about these books on her blog, and I've written them all down to request from the library. If she thinks they're wonderful, I know I will too!

My very favorite author. I love every single Daniel Silva book, hands down. I love spy novels, and his are the best I've read (my father would agree- oohhh great idea for father's day presents- start with The Unlikely Spy (the first book about Gabriel Allon)). I'm smiling just sitting here thinking about starting this and knowing how I will get NOTHING else done the few days after I get this book into my ready hands. If you haven't ever read spy/cia novels, I would recommend these anyway. He's written maybe 15 (??) now and you will just LOVE the characters. They're pretty much the same people book after book and they're wonderful.

Bound to be the biggest seller of the summer. Hopefully it will live up to the others!

One of my friends who is in editing/publishing just said that everyone should read this book as "you won't be disappointed". That's enough for me to put it on my list!

Any other suggestions for me? Are any of you library junkies like me or do you buy your books? I read them so fast that I feel guilty buying them for 2-3 days of pleasure. I will buy them if I know I'll read them again in the future (Daniel Silva) but, for the most part, I put my must reads on my library account and wait anxiously for them to come in! We're at the library regularly for books for Spencer anyway, so it works out well. You could just say that I'm cheap- I like to think of it as resourcefulness and more cute clothes for the boys ;)


  1. I still have to read Winter of the World and Storyteller is going on my list!

    Did you ever read I am Charlotte Simmons by Tom Wolfe. One of my all time favorites. And you need to read Unbroken if you haven't.

  2. Loved all of Pat Conroy books especially South of Broad. Have to disagree with your review of The Story Teller. I was very disappointed. One of my favorite books this year was Rules of Civility. I will definitely pick up Daniel Silva's book. Have a great weekend!!!

  3. I love all of these mini book reviews. I have heard that Inferno was amazing. I like some of these book ideas and I think that I will have to add a few to my to-read list. Thank you so much for posting these reviews.

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  4. I too am an avid library fan and borrow as often as able. Though I do collect Daniel Silva's books, and thoroughly enjoy his stories and writing and imagination. Thank you for recommendations, only one of which have read. Looking forward to visiting library soon to borrow those have yet to read.

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