Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Adorable Dresses

Aren't these simply gorgeous dresses? I love the colorblocked for it's elegance and detailing, and I love the plaid for the way the top is designed and the very cool plaid. Both are $168 at White House Black Market. We have three weddings this summer and our honeymoon in May, but I already have dresses that I'm planning on wearing. The colorblocked dress is too dressy for any of the occasions (it looks pretty wintery and more formal to me than any lakeside wedding can justify) but the plaid one would be SO cute at our wedding on Labor Day weekend. I may just wait to see if it goes on sale as I don't need it- it's just a want!! What do you girls think about it? Is the plaid too wild/weird?

On another note, my boys in blue (GO DUKE!) won last night and have just one more regular season game before the ACC tournament and the big dance. It's a HUGE, HUGE game on Sunday vs. UNC. I cannot wait!! Plus, B comes home on Friday and doesn't have to travel again next week! He's been gone for a total of 7 weeks since January, and it will be so nice to have him home for more than a day and a half! I do have to work all day Sat and 1/2 day on Sunday which is a bummer, but at least next week we can have dinner together EVERY NIGHT!! Yea!

Have a great day, ladies!


  1. I agree entirely. The second dress looks rather holiday-ish to me. The first dress is adorable and would work in the summer as well as fall. The price tag doesn't seem outlandish either.

  2. Both of these are soooo nice! I love the bodice on the first - very on trend but the second one is my favourite - it made me draw breath! So beautiful!! I think this would work so well year on year at functions. If I saw this over here I'd snap it up in a heart beat! It is ultra uber super elegant.

  3. These are both so pretty, but I especially like that first one! So classy and timeless with big pearls and balck heels and even throw on a black pashmina!


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