Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pink and patent?

I have always loved Sperry Top-siders. My brother and I always had a pair when we were little. His were always the standard brown leather, and mine varied from summer to summer. My favorite pair were my navy canvas (I changed out the laces for pink ribbons). I would love a new pair for this summer as the tan canvas ones I had for awhile had a mesh side and didn't end up getting worn much. I am loving the idea of the patent pink ones here:

I just don't know how often I would wear these either. But SO cute!!

These may be a little more functional (I could easily pull them off at work during the summer) and they are still really cute. I like that they are a little more feminine.

I don't need these at all but had to share for all the pink and green lovers out there. I love how simple they are, but if you want a pink and green plaid, there's a pair of those on the website as well.

B has the standard brown leather pair, but I'm thinking he should have the red leather pair that's on the website as well. He has quite a few cute belts that would work with the red shoe and khacki pants!!

Do any of you wear Sperry's during the summer? Do you put them on your little ones? I simply adore them on little boys!


  1. I keep trying to figure out if I want a pair or not. I have the LL Bean kind but I really like those ones in the 2nd picture (I have been debating them for over a year now!!!).


  2. I only have one pair but I am OBSESSED with them! They are the most comfortable things in the world and I basically live in them year round. Thanks for posting these...the pink ones are so cute i may have to invest in another!!

  3. I have two pairs, and just like KAC, I LIVE in them year round. I have one brown leather pair (a gift) and one canvas pair (to ease my vegan conscience). I want navy canvas pair, but I can't find them anywhere! Any tips?

  4. i love my sperrys ... i busted out my brown leather pair as soon as the thermometer hit sixty-five here this year! :) the white pair is beyond adorable.


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