Saturday, March 7, 2009

Prayer request for Friday


B and I would truly appreciate your prayers today. B has an interview today that would be a huge life change for us- one we really would love to make. He has already had a phone interview with the company, and, since this is an out of state interview for him, they are doing the next two sets of interviews this afternoon. He has one interview with four people at 1 p.m. eastern, and one with another group of people at 2 p.m. eastern. The job isn't in his "wheelhouse", meaning that though his current job has very similar skills, job description, etc, this is a totally different industry for him. Actually this is something he probably wouldn't have considered except for the location is where we would love to start our post-master's life! If you can say a quick prayer today that the interviewers can recognize his wonderful personality, his hard work and determination in his work life, and his amazing ability to communicate well, we would both really appreciate it. I am at work all day today, and we aren't supposed to have our cell phones on at work- AUGH!!!! Anyone have calming words for me???

**He's found other jobs out there that are closer to what he is currently doing, yet the locations aren't ideal. If this interview does not work out, he will start applying to other jobs which, of course, I will support with all my might. He is an amazing worker and provider and has a lot of pride in what he accomplishes on the work front. I truly just want him to love his next job as I know how important that is for him. It would just be hard for both of us to move further away from family and friends- I'm sure most of you completely understand this.**

EDIT---- How many times must I save the "future post" option on blogger in order to get it to cooperate????? I honestly must be one of the most technically challenged people out there!! Sorry for this post being much earlier than necessary!!! I still would love for you to say prayers on Friday, if you can remeber that far into the future!


  1. I hope this went well! Thinking of you all and just sent a big prayer upstairs for you too!

  2. Best of luck for B!


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