Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wait, tell me................

Do any of you have a cottage somewhere that you want to tell me about? A lake house get away? A place on the Cape?? Or do you have one spot that you love to vacation more than others? Is there somewhere you go every year for a long weekend? Fill me in in the comments or do a post about it. I'd love to see pics and hear all about it.


  1. I love going to Kennebunkport Maine every summer. Also we live on the water in NJ--so I really never leave my "summer" house. It is great! xoxo

  2. hey lady!

    I'm just across the lake from you- we're Door County people- Baileys Harbor, specifically. Love DC and the lake-side is way calmer than the bay-side.


  3. Well, my husband would say that since we live 1.5 miles from Lake Michigan, this IS our lake home. Ha! He would be wrong. We don't have a cottage but we love Michigan. My mother is a member of the Prairie Club, which has a property in Harbert, MI. Since it's only 1.5 hours from Chicago, it's so convenient. She rents a home there every summer and we go there with her. The beach is the best beach I've seen and we love all the little shops and restaurants of "Harbor Country." Last summer a friend invited us for a few days to their place in Saugatuck and I thought it also was adorable.

    We went to Door County (Egg Harbor) 2 summers ago and it was so much fun that we've decided to go again next summer, when the baby is 1yo. It's a long drive, but it was just lovely and so kid-friendly.

    Your photos of Bay View are beautiful!

  4. My family goes to Fenwick Island every summer, but T's family has two cottages on the Outer Banks of NC that I just adore (one is a "family" cottage, and one belongs to his mother). I'm actually there (here?) right now--I love it this time of year, when it's not too busy or too hot. I'm much more into the laid back, leave-your-blowdryer-at-home vacation, so a sandy cottage and an empty beach = heaven!

  5. When I was growing up, we'd take a cabin for two weeks at the beginning of summer at a religious camp in Northern Wisconsin where my parents met as teenagers. We'd go swimming, play tennis and archery, run around in the woods, etc.

  6. Bridgehampton, NY. It's my mom's house. She built an addition when I was expecting my daughter & now I have the old master bedroom, my daughter has my old room & my son has the old spare bedroom. My mom has a new master suite. It's nice when we are there b/c we get the whole upstairs & my mom has her space & we have ours. The spare car helps too!! I think my mom might be a saint...


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