Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wanting to be in two places at once.......

We leave on Sunday afternoon for our honeymoon! It is going to be an amazing and well deserved trip for both of us, and I am so excited to spend two weeks with my husband away from "real life". I've never been to Europe before (he's been a few times), which makes it all the more exciting!!! We have tons planned- awesome sight seeing, amazing restaurants, a stop in the Cava region at two wineries, etc. I absolutely cannot wait

However, Memorial Day weekend falls while we were on our trip. We did this on purpose so that B would have to take one less vacation day over the two weeks. It totally made sense, and I didn't really think much about it. I have since found out that all (and I do mean every last one) of my "up north" friends will be headed to Bay View over Memorial weekend and there are already two parties (a 2 year old birthday party and a wedding shower) that I know we're going to miss. Usually some people are able to come up for the weekend and others aren't. Even last year for my wedding shower, a few couldn't come up for various reasons. This year, it works for all of them to be there (most for 4 days). While it will be freezing (it almost always is a high of 50s, maybe 60s that weekend), it would till be such a fun time seeing each other after the long winter months. Plus not only do we get to see each other, we get to see all the parents, kids, and other family friends that we spend 8 weeks each year socializing with. It truly is the (cold) kick off to the summer.

While I know I won't regret missing the weekend in the long run (or even once we get to Spain), right now I really miss my friends and am sad that I won't be able to join them. I also hate to be the only one who is missing out on all the winter catch up news. Yes, I know I'll get filled in by the two besties once I get home (Thank goodness I'll see S the next weekend) but it's not the same as when it's in person!!

Does anyone understand how I'm feeling about this? Are there times that you'd love to be at two different social events/places at once? Has anyone figured out a way to teleport yet?


  1. I'm telling you, if I could have any super power, it would most DEFINITELY be teleportation! I completely understand how you feel, but like you said, once you're in Spain, you probably won't think twice about it. Have SO much fun!

  2. Don't worry, you'll be there, b/c they will all be talking about what a great trip you're on!!!


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