Friday, May 1, 2009

What I am doing tonight

Watching this

and eating these

Life doesn't get much better!!

Tom's Mom's Cookies are the absolute best cookies in Northern Michigan. They aren't too soft, aren't too hard, just perfectly chewy, and come in amazing flavors. One of our favorite "up north" activities is to ride bikes from Gram's house across the bay to Harbor Springs, have lunch at Gurney's (a liquor/wine store with the best deli sandwiches on that side of the bay), eat by the boat docks, and get a cookie after we're done with the sandwiches. It's a fabulous lunch!

When I was talking to family friend's during the Lenten Season, I was lamenting missing sweets, and the mom was astonished that I would be able to do it for 40 days. She definitely has the sweetest tooth of anyone I know. Today a box of cookies arrived for us in the mail from them as a graduation present and to thank me for helping take care of their son while he was in the hospital. It was a huge and amazingly wonderful surprise! Don't you all just adore suprises???


  1. Ummm sounds like a great night!!

    I heart Rory too!

  2. don't you just love gilmore girls? I made my hubby watch the all the seasons with me...he didn't believe me when I said it was a great show, until he started listening to their witty remarks and such :)

  3. You make me long for our upcoming summer at the cottage. We love Tom's mom and I particularly like cc w/dried cherries. Good to see another up north blog buddy.

  4. What a lovely evening!?? And, mmmm, milk and cookies sounds delish. Xoxo-BLC

  5. you are totally right- how perfect is that evening?! isn't it totally rewarding to just hole up at home with a bunch of creature comforts?!


  6. Love Tom's Mom's. Yummy, can't wait for some this summer!


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