Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekend activities!

Friday during the day, B had to work so mom, Ralph and I took a long walk, ran some errands, and spent the afternoon gardening and getting ready for dinner. Then, Friday night my mom, Ralph, my cousin (he lives here in Chicago), B and I all had dinner together. It was a great meal, and it was so nice here, we were able to grill everything and eat out on the back patio. We had steaks, asparagus, potato salad, wine, and cookies that my mom brought down for dessert. YUM!

B and I

Me and the boys

Mom and H

Me and the boys again!

B and I with my mom and Ralph

The Wine

The Steaks!

Saturday morning, mom and Ralph left to go back up north so that they could celebrate Mother's Day and my brother's birthday with my mom's side of the family. I was sad I wasn't going to celebrate with my mom, but the weather up there today was 48 and cloudy, so I'm glad I didn't go!! It was so nice to have the time with them, and I can't wait until the end of June when we get to see them again for a VERY short weekend.

Today B and I went to church, got all our Spain paperwork together, met up with a few of his friends for a patio drink, packed for Spain, watched golf, made dinner, and watched the Amazing Race finale. Have I ever mentioned that I love the Amazing Race? That and AI are the only reality shows I watch. I was so sad that Margie and Luke didn't win, though I think Tammy and Victor were great competitors too. Also, did you see that B's dark horse for the Master's (Henrik) won The Players today?? He was really excited about that. I was even more excited about how well Luke played all weekend long. He got TONS of tv time, so I was able to actively cheer for him and keep an eye on his fashion. His shirt today looked like it was from a 1970s tv show, but I loved the pink pants! Henrik's daughter, Lisa, was too cute when her daddy won! I just adore the part where the kids run out onto the green to see their dads after they win!!

Okay, ladies, my bed is calling out for me. Hopefully you all had great weekends. I can't wait to catch up on your blogs tomorrow morning!


  1. could not agree with you more about when the tots run out to hug their daddy after he wins! what a lovely friday cook-out you had and what a photogenic bunch you all are- you are cuter than a button, btw :)


  2. Looks like loads of fun! Have a great week!


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