Wednesday, December 15, 2010

6 and 7 months

Today Spencer turns 7 months old.  Holy cow!  I absolutely cannot believe how fast the time has flown.  In fact, being the slacker (aka crazy busy) mom I am, I didn't do a 6 month post, so I'm doing both today!

6 months:

Spencer weighed 19lbs  ozs and was   inches long.  He's easily meeting all his developmental milestones.  He is sitting on his own, saying one consonant (of course it's "da"), getting up on all fours, putting everything in his mouth, and babbling like crazy.  He loves, loves, loves sweet potatoes and bananas!  He really does not like apples and peas.  He recognizes us when we pick him up from daycare and gets excited to see his favorite teacher.  Diaper changes are often a struggle and we had our second ear infection this month- ugh!

7 Months:

(Holy Cheeks, Batman!)

At his ear recheck apt, he weighed about 19lbs 14ozs.  He's now rocking back and forth on all fours and crawling backwards (which really frustrates him!).  He can stand up at the edge of a table or a piece of furniture if we put him up there.  He can get from sitting to all fours and back with little difficulty.  He continues to say "da" all the time, absolutely no "ma".  He did do a "buh" once, but I haven't heard that repeated.  The other day in the car when I was singing a Christmas song, he definitely was making singing-like noises in his carseat.  My heart totally melted!!  He still loves sweet potatoes, but is much more tolerant of his green beans and his peas.  He is actually getting finger foods into his mouth, though it takes one or two tries. 

That's my little buddy for the past two months.  Love him like crazy!!!!


  1. I don't blame him for not liking peas. Always my least favorite too!

  2. love love love love love and thank you for sharing the latest about SYT with all of us! those cheeks are just presh! and the Christmas PJ pics- to die for!

    you need to start a collection of Christmas pics to put away and pull out each year and the Christmas PJ pic are hands down the one for this year!



  3. He is so cute and smiley! He seems like such a happy guy!

  4. Well hello there!
    I have been SUCH a blog slacker and have recently vowed to return to the scene.
    Spencer is ADORABLE!! How much fun are you having right now?! Mister Baby is right there with him rocking back and forth and crawling backwards!! :) Christmas is going to be so much fun this year I just can't wait!
    Just wanted to say hi!!

  5. He is soooo adorable! I just wish we were closer so I could give that little boy a big hug and kiss!


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