Saturday, December 4, 2010

Wish list

B asked the other day what I want for Christmas.  He basically said his brain worked overtime with my birthday gift ( lovely little Revas) and he had nothing left in him for Christmas ideas.  So, my dearest, here are a few things I would love to find under the tree.

A piece of jewelry to celebrate my little one.  Emerald's are his birthstone, which makes it an expensive proposition, but the idea of stacking a few rings for each baby is a concept I like or even just having one piece of jewelry with each baby's birthstone in it.  There are  a few on Ebay that I like as options.

Duck shoes from LL Bean.  The regular in navy or the shearling in brown.  Such a necessity in the winter here, and I really want waterproof shoes I can slip on and off.  Putting on and taking off big heavy boots in the morning is a struggle with the baby.

A new ski coat.  I am loving the fur around the hood and think it would be adorable on the slopes.  If it's a really wet, nasty day, most of the jackets I've looked at have the ability to detach the fur so that I could leave it at home and not ruin it.  The one above is North Face and I love the gray and the red.  Land's End has one I like too.

A subscription to Cook's Illustrated.  It's a great magazine with tested and true recipes.  It's one of the more expensive mags to buy month to month, so it'd be nice to get the yearly subscription.  This is something I would never buy myself, so it's a great thing to add to the list.

The Professor Cardigan.  Love the regular, love the cable knit, love it in red, orange, teaberry heather, mink heather, emerald, ivory, pewter heather, and dusty blue.  It's on sale this week :)  I have a current obsession with any cardigan as it makes it so much easier to nurse and to pump at work.  Plus, I have a few cute short sleeved dresses that look darling with cardigans over top.  (Also, pretty much any cute button down to go under this and my numerous other cardigans- patterns are wonderful and Land's End and LE Canvas both have cute ones - ps I'm a size S at LE).

LOVE this in the gold, the white, and the black. 

My LLBean Shearling slippers are missing (?? not sure how this happened??) but my feet are craving cozy warmth right now, so something like these or these would work until I find my favorites!

I really, really want to do a family photo shoot/pics of SYT with a professional photographer.  A surprise session would be an awesome gift! 

Pretty much anything from her.

Snowshoes!  B and I love to snowshoe together, and it's something we can do with SYT bundled up and in the ergo.  It's a great winter workout on a crisp, sunny morning.  Junie LOVES going with us, and we'll often let her just run off the leash as we usually do it in pretty deserted areas.  We currently can only do it when we're at my mom's b/c we borrow hers and Ralphs, so it would be nice to have our own so we could go in GR too.

A really awesome bottle of Champagne that we can drink on NYE together.  We tend to buy the same one we had on our wedding day for all our special occasions (and I love this!), but it would be fun to try something that's a step up from that to see if it's better and/or worth the extra cost.

A new monogrammed boat and tote.  I know this won't end up under the tree as B thinks I have too many bags already, but I need a new casual bag for work, so I would get rid of the one I currently have as my one in- one out policy.  I wish the striped ones had zippered tops as I'd prefer a zip.  Feel free to shoot B an email if you have an amazing work bag (preferably under $100) that you love- I'll make sure he checks the comments so he can get ahold of you.  I hate internet shopping for purses/bags- I think it's so hard to tell online. 

Okay, I think that's my list at this point.  If you all have any wonderful suggestions for him, shoot them in the comments, he'd love to hear them, I know! 

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend out there!!


  1. Here's to wishing he can't decide and says "why not just purchase the whole lot!" I recently stumbled across your digital musings and I must say your jovial sentiment is rather refreshing! Happy Holidays!

  2. You can never have too many bags!! I also have a few on my Christmas list, but the boyfriend thinks I have to many bags and won't get me any :(
    love your other pics! I'm obsessed with cardigans..there always seems to be just one more color I need haha

  3. Now we need to work with B a little bit... "Too many totes" is simple not a phrase we believe in, it's simply not possible. (Heh, heh, heh.)

    You chose some lovely goodies, the slippers are darling and that ring is beautiful! (I'll take one of just about everything you shared, and perhaps two or three of the cardigan!)

    Sending you a smile,


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