Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas decorations!!!

The entryway and dining room tree.  I had two four foot fake trees, so we put one in each of the front windows (one in the dining room and one in the living room).  The dining room is done in golds and red and the living room has the 12 Days of Christmas ornaments from Crate and Barrell as well as pink, purple, blue and green sparkly balls.
Our dining room hutch with my Wachtersbach collection.  The plates and bowls are in the kitchen cupboards, but the serving ware and glassware are out.  It looked SO pretty on our table on Saturday for our dinner club!!I used a white tablecloth underneath the runner so that the red of the plates popped even more.
My ornament wreath (I made it last year using Eddie Ross's as inspiration).  It's hanging over the island in the kitchen.
My St. Nicholas collection on top of the hutch in the family room.  I have since found a few more Nick's and put them out.
Our mantle.  It's hard to tell, but there are shiny red votive holders disperse throughout the greens up top.  The statue in the R corner is Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. 
Decorating the tree
The final project!  Now all it needs is presents wrapped beneath it.

Is your house decorated yet?  Do you have a more traditional color scheme or do you use something else?  Do you have Christmas dishes or china??  Do share, I'm obsessed!!


  1. We're slowly getting decorated, since T is still in exam mode. However, I do have the Christmas china out; I try to get as much use out of it as possible! I'll be posting pictures soon...

  2. Your home look sbeautiful! I'm almost done decorating! Just need to add the ornaments to the tree. I bought Martha Christmas dishware at TJ Maxx two years ago. I plan to use it this weekend when I'm hosting dinner for my father and sister.

  3. love love love- seriously was talking with my sis the other day about how I cannot wait to grow up and be just like you- there are so many things that you get to do now that I cannot wait for my turn to come around :) love that you love and cherish it just like I know I will :)



  4. My apt is decorated! As much as it can be. I really love going home and seeing my parent's decorations more then anything else and can't wait to go home before Christmas.

    Your house looks sooo cozy!

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