Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas jammies!

Here's my almost 7 (!!) month old in his Hanna Andersson Christmas jammies.  I can't believe my baby is this big.  His face is starting to thin out and it's making him look SO old already.  Gulp!  I wish I had a picture with his little Minnetonka slippers on with these pajamas- it's TDF cute, ladies! 

Did you get Christmas jammies as a child?  I love HA because you can get them in all sizes to match, so I'll probably do matching pajamas for all of my (future) babes (until they grow old enough to know what they will and won't wear!).


  1. Love Christmas pajamas. James and I actually buy each other a pair every year ;).

  2. Yes we did! My favorite were the ones with the made sliding down the stairs so fun!

  3. He looks *so* very precious, what a happy face!
    Oh yes, we had Christmas jammies, they were a big treat.

    Sending you a smile,

  4. AHH CHRISTMAS JAMMIES!!! Do they make an adult version? because these are totes cute.

  5. ADORBS. I LOVE love love it!

  6. I really love this tradition! Something I definitely want to do with my future children!


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