Sunday, December 26, 2010

NYE outfits

Looking for a last minute outfit for NYE??  Here are a few I've found that I am loving!!

All of the above from Talbots (and all are on sale!)
(isn't the skirt phenomenal??  Add a crisp white button down, black heels, and tons of pearls!)

Black tie worthy dress from White House Black Market.  I can't show the back here, but it's definitely worth a click over to check it out.  The back makes the dress.

Velvet pants from BR

Dear Kate, love the bow!

A lot easier on the wallet (Payless)

A light smattering of sequins from Nordstrom

Satin menswear pjs from Victoria's Secret if your plans are more of the stay at home variety

Add a fun faux fur piece of outerwear to keep you warm
and you should have a great night on the town!

What are you wearing?  What are your plans? 
(Fill me in ladies, for my night will probably be sitting home by the fire with my boys and, if all goes well, a great bottle of champagne!)
(But if I were going out I would definitely, without a doubt, be buying the skirt above!!!)


  1. We are going to be on the beach in Florida. Not sure what I am going to wear yet? Then again I haven't even started packing! Ha! Ha! Hope you have a wonderful NYE!

  2. i already have my black sequined mini! yay! since i live in a neighborhood full of young families, we have a neighborhood party for everyone. it's pretty casual, with drinks, apps and deserts, but there are all kinds of fun games for the kids and the adults. it's not a crazy time in the city, but we do all have a great time, don't have to get a babysitter, and we can all walk home!

  3. My fingers are crossed that one of the Nordstroms dresses that are being delivered today work for my NYE wedding in NYC. I don't normally have big plans, so it seems like it's been even more stressful finding a dress this year. Hope you have a great NYE! :)

  4. NYE dressing is so difficult, I've been stalking tons of sites but hadn't checked Talbots yet for inspiration. Checking it out now :)

    Happy Holidays my dear!!


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